Welcome to International Alumni Meet

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University

5th, 6th and 7th February, 2023 Diksha Bhawan

Welcome to DDUGU Alumni Meet

Dear Alumni,
We are happy to announce that the International Alumni Meet is scheduled to be held on 5th, 6th and 7th February 2023 at the Diksha Bhawan, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. The brochure providing all details and concept note is attached for your kind perusal.

You are cordially invited to register and participate to enrich the Meet with your valued presence and strengthen your bonds with your alma mater.
We look forward to seeing you at the Meet.

Please consult our website (CLICK HERE) Download Brochure (CLICK HERE)

NOTE: Alumni are requested to kindly fill the Form Online or download the Form and fill the form, scan it and send to ddugu.alumni@gmail.com , alumni2022ddugu@gmail.com


One Day Alumni Field trip

1-day field trip has organised to experience the salvationary holy-heritage city Ayodhya. It is primarily an ancient tirtha (riverfront sacredscapes) and the birthplace of Lord Ramachandra. Ayodhya is salvific place that records settlement continuity since at least ca 800BCE. Ayodhya situated nearby 140 kms from Gorakhpur. * The Field trip to the Ayodhya will be on the basis of payment (Rs 2500/-) each person with including meals, transport and local hospitality.



To foster and strengthen lifetime academic, professional, and personal relationships among its members, to work towards the welfare of the society, and to deepen the bond between alumni and their alma mater


❖ To open channels of communication and network of relationship between our alumni and institution
❖ To create a support system for the students of the Institution and facilitate easy transfer of knowledge and experience of the Alumni
❖ To provide necessary career guidance and career counseling and help job referrals/campus placements
❖ Be a mentor to guide students and organize mentoring programs
❖ To engage in collaborative projects for academic/research/social welfare
❖ To create alliances and interest groups
❖ Financial donations by way of scholarships or bursaries to the talented and financially weak students/research scholars
❖ Non-financial donations like books, furniture, equipments etc.
❖ Award of recognition and appreciation and felicitation of alumni for their support and contribution

Alumni Cell

Alumni Cell, the single point of contact between Alumni and Institute, offers our alumni a host of services that helps them keep in touch with their batch mates and also keep them updated on campus happenings

Prof. Rajesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor

Alumni Cell, DDU
E-mail: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com
Cell No. 9415328399

Prof. Shiva Kant Singh

Alumni Cell, DDU
E-mail: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com
Cell No. 9451559355

Prof. Anubhuti Dubey

Vice President
Email: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com, anubhutiddu@rediffmail.com
Cell No. 9415270556

Prof. Sunita Murmu

Vice President
Email: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com, murmusunita@yahoo.co.in
Cell No. 9935176406

Prof. Vinay Kumar Singh

Alumni Cell, DDU
E-mail: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com
Cell No. 9807110100

Prof. Dr. Tulika Mishra

Joint Secretary
Alumni Cell, DDU
E-mail: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com
Cell No. 9437042549

Dr. Durgesh Pal

Joint Secretary
Email: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com, rajanpal0702@gmail.com
Cell No. 9540438780

Prof. Anil YadavYadav

Email: ddugu.alumni@gmail.com, anilkyadava@yahoo.co.in
Cell No. 9450885902




Shri. Rajnath Singh

Minister of Defence, Govt. of India

Shri. R. K. Chaturvedi

Secretary, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India

Justice Rahul Chaturvedi

Allahabad High Court

Justice Salil Kumar Rai

Allahabad High Court

Justice Umesh Chand Sharma

Allahabad High Court

Shri. Shiv Pratap Shukla

M.P, Rajya Shabha

Shri Kunwar Brijesh Singh

IPS, Ex DG Police, Orissa

Prof. U.P. Singh

Pro-Chancellor, Mahayogi Gorakhnath University, Gorakhpur

Shri Mata Prasad Pandey

MLA, Former Speaker, UP Legislative Assembly

Prof. K. N. Singh


Prof. S. P. M. Tripathi


Prof. Murli Manohar Pathak

Vice Chancellor

Prof. Chandrasekhar

Vice Chancellor

Shri. N. N. D. Dubey

BSF, Kirti Chakra Awardee

Shri. Jagdambika Pal

M.P, Lok Shabha

Shri. Pankaj Choudhary

Hon’ble MoS, Finance, Govt. of India

Padam Shree Dr. Gyan Chandra Mishra

Ex-Director CCMB, Hyderabad

Prof. Alok Chakrawal

Vice Chancellor

Prof. Meenakshi Narain

Professor of Physics

Ms. Chitra Triphati

Deputy Editor & Anchor Aaj Tak

Dr. Satish Chandra Dwivedi

Ex-Minister Basic, UP

Prof. G. C. R. Jaiswal

Ex-Vice Chancellor, RMLAU, Ayodhya

Shri Prabal Pratap Singh

Executive Editor, News 18, Delhi

Dr. S.M. Paul Khurana

Vice Chancellor

Shri Jayant Mishra

Principal Commissioner of Income Tax

Dr. Javed Rizvi

Director, Asia Programme World Agro Forestry

Prof. Shyam Sudhir Pandey

Professor of Chemistry

Prof. Bansh Gopal Singh

Vice Chancellor

Dr. Sunil Shukla

Director General

Prof. Rakesh Kumar Pandey

Vice Chancellor

Prof. G. N. R. Tripathi

Professor Emeritus

Prof. Ram Achal Singh

Ex-Vice Vhancellor, RMLAU, Ayodhya

Dr. Vibhrat Chand Kaushik

Vice President, State Youth Welfare Council and Provincial Guard Dal

Dr. Sudhanshu Joshi

Partner, Athena Infonomics, LCC, Washington, D.C.


1. Dr. Raju Gupta Dept. of Economics 9450669784 rajugupta375@rediffmail.com
2. Dr. Abhay Chand Dept. of Law 9451091096 abhaycmv@gmail.com
3. Dr. Sarvesh Kumar Dept. of Geography
4. Dr. Pawan Kumar Dept. of Sociology 8090496743 pawannwd@gmail.com
5. Dr. Sachin Kumar Singh Dept. of Chemistry 9792511544 sachinsinghbhu@gmail.com
6. Dr. Udai Bhan Singh Dept. of Physics
7. Dr. K. Sunita Dept. of Botany