It is devoted to the practice and training of indoor sports for example Judo, Yoga, Taekwondo and Table Tennis. The academic activities of physical education and also included in the sports complex. This is an extension building for Athletic Association of the University. Practice of Basketball, Judo, Athletics and football are regularly conducted with more than 100 participants. The University has produced a few players of international repute in Judo, Athletics and Taekwondo who have represented India in reputed International competitions and brought laurels for the University and the Nation.


S.No Name Department Post
1 Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh Dept. of Zoology President
3 Dr. Manish Kumar Srivastava Dept. of Commerce Vice President
4 Dr. Brijesh Kumar Dept. of English Secretary
5 Dr. Kamini Singh Dept. of Chemistry Joint Secretary
6 Dr. Gyanvendra Pratap Singh Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Treasurer