About NCC

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the only institution that develops the qualities of leadership, companionship, cooperation, good character, patriotic spirit with unity and discipline among the educated youth of the country. Today, the disciplinary people trained by the National Cadet Corps in various areas of the country are doing their work with full skill and pride, as well as making a significant contribution to national unity. The main objective of NCC is to communicate companionship, discipline, leadership, secularism, thrill and selfless service among the youth of the country and to provide appropriate environment to the youth to pursue a career in the armed forces.
With the establishment of Deendayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University in 1957, the National Cadet Corps was established in the university to serve the above objectives. The cadets of the National Cadet Corps of the university have been successful in achieving their objectives right from the beginning and even today they are achieving specific achievements in many fields.
254 cadets of army of 44 UP battalions are attached and getting trained in the university.100 women cadets of 15 battalion are also under trained in the University. At present a total of 354 NCC Cadets are undergoing training at the University. NCC group of the University actively participates in socio-environmental activities and situations of natural disaster. Both men and women cadets regularly receive awards, medals and honors from the Governor of the state and President of India.

Prof.(Major) Vineeta Pathak

Name Prof.(Major) Vineeta Pathak
Designation : Major
Phone : +91-9415313045
E-mail : vineeta.polsci@ddugu.ac.in, profvineetapathak@gmail.com

Prof.(Captain) Digvijay Nath

Name Prof.(Captain) Digvijay Nath
Designation : Captain
Phone : +91-8004936599
E-mail : digvijay.anhist@ddugu.ac.in, dr.digvijaynath69@yahoo.com