About Media Center

To support the academic vision and mission of the university, Media Center has been establishing at Deeksha bhawan. It will maintain facilities, materials, and equipment for the production, distribution and utilization of instructional media. It will serve as resource center, learning laboratory, teaching center, service agency and coordinating agency with all basic modern educational facilities. Center will be having Educational Film production studio, Lecture capturing studio, Photoshop animation & graphics laboratory and smart instructional classroom. Educational Film production studio will include Studio, green room, control room, audio-video mixing room. This facility will be utilized for teaching students on film production under different courses, production of short films on educational & social issues to aware civil society, to produce and broadcast news on relevant events. Lecture capturing studio will serve as center for developing instructional & lecture videos for Massive open online courses (MOOC) and Study Webs of active-learning for young aspiring minds (SWAYAM) courses as well as for online lecture repository for the university. It will serve the purpose of the best teaching learning resources to all at any time. Photoshop Animation and Graphics laboratory will help students to express their ideas, creative thoughts through digital images and pictures. It will build essential soft skills with hands-on access to content-creation tools that develop creativity, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Smart instructional classroom will serve as space for instructing theory component of film production, photojournalism, animation and graphics to the students. Media center will be well equipped with good lighting facility, acoustical treatment in studios, temperature and humidity control facilities, noise reducing materials, quality cameras and highly graded software for mixing of audio-visuals, animation & graphics. Media center will enable us to set global standard in online, blended and digital learning as well as creating awareness and knowledge through digital learning while driving innovation.