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Department of Geography, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya University, Gorakhpur (U.P.)

The Geography Department was established on 16th July 1958,when Geography Department of the Maharana Pratap Degree College, Gorakhpur wasmerged in the University. At ‘ this time there were only three faculties in thedepartment, Dr. Mahatam Singh as the Head of the department and Dr. ChandraBadan Tiwari and Dr. (Miss) Surinder Pannu as lecturers. Shri S. Bandyopadhyayjoined as a temporary lecturer in 1959 and - left the department after oneyear. In 1960 the number of staff members increased when Ramesh Dutta Dikshitjoined as lecturer coming from Allahabad. It was in 1961 that the first batch ofpost-graduate in Geography passed out from the department. Since then thenumber of geography students kept on swelling for quite a few years. July 1963,may be termed as a landmark in the progress of geography in this university. Itwas in this session that Dr. Subodh Chandra Bose joined as first Professor &Head of the department. Before coming to Gorakhpur, he was serving on the samepost at Kamataka University, Dharwar. Virendra Kumar Srivastava joined thisdepartment as a lecturer in 1963 after serving for some time in Dr. H.S. GourUniversity, Sagar. In 1964, the existing syllabi of the department werethoroughly revised and enriched and effort was made to define the theoreticalbase of the subject to strengthen the existing branches and to streamline thetraining of practical geography. Prof. Bose was a Geomorphologist and aspecialist in regional geography of India. These two branches were expanded andnew special papers like cartography and advance climatology were introduced.The students of the department traveled far and wide in different regions ofthe country for personal survey and collection of ground truth. In 1965 staffstructure was strengthened when Dr. H.H. Giri & Mr. J .P. Misra joined as atemporary lecturer. Dr. BR Rao joined the department after serving for threeyears in Kisan Degree College, Basti. One of the notable achievements of thedepartment was that Dr. S.C. Bose founded “Association of North IndianGeographer” and publication of its journal named ‘Oriental Geographer’ wasstarted in 1965, the name of this journal was later changed as ‘GeographicalThought’. Prof. S.C. Bose retired in 1967, though he continued as U.G.C.Professor in the same department. Dr. Mahatma Singh again worked as Head of thedepartment for some time. In December 1967 Dr. Ujagir Singh, Ph.D. (London)took over the charge as Prof. and Head of the department. With his joining, thedepartment started a fresh wave of academic transformation. The entire syllabiwas reviewed and revised in View of the model syllabus prepared by U.G.C. andthe Geography Review Committee. In 1967 RD. Dixit left the department tocomplete his Ph.D. degree at Australian National University, Canberra on aCommonwealth Scholarship.

Dr. Ujagir Singh’s arrival alsoaffected the number of staff members. Jagat Narayan Pandey j oined thedepartment as lecturer in Oct. 1968. This was followed the appointment of SheoMangal Singh as a temporary lecturer, who left the department in 1971. Later onin the same year Surendra Nath Singh joined the department as a lecturer. Dr.Jagdish Singh joined the department as reader in April 1969, who was lecturerin the department of Geography B.H.U. Varanasi. In the same year Dr. R.B. Singhjoined the department as a lecturer. Hira Lal Yadav joined the department in1970 as lecturer after serving for some time at D.J. College, Baraut, Meerut.Soon after return of Dr. R.D. Dixit from Canderra in 1971, Dr. V.K. Srivastava leftfor post doctoral research to London University on a Commonwealth Fellowship in1972, this leave vacancy was filled in by the appointment of Sheo Shanker as alecturer. The process of changing number to teaching stafi“ continued as Dr.DiXit left as Reader and Head, Department of Geography of Punjabi University,Patiala. Soon after the return of Dr. V.K. Srivastava from London in 1974, Dr.Mahatma Singh, a founder member of the department retired from service in 1975,the department can reasonably take pride in the growing academic achievementsof its staff members. Dr. Jagdish Singh Reader left for Ruhr University, Bochumin 1975 for one session. This visit was followed by Dr. R.B. Singh’s assignmentfor a diploma course to the Netherlands in October 1977. Dr. C.B. Tiwari, thesenior most lecturers was appointed as Reader in Dec. 1977. Phirtu Ram Chauhanjoined the department in January 1978 to fill the vacancy of Dr. M. Singh whowas retired earlier. Before joining the department he was serving at S.V. CollegeDeoria on same post. Dr. Ujagir Singh retired on 30th June 1979 after servingthe department as Professor and Head for about 12 years. Besides his academicattainments, another fact of credit to him was the publication of the researchjournal of the ‘Association of North Indian Geographer’ in Hindi, instead ofEnglish. The journal published since 1965 with the name of Oriental Geographyand later Geographical Thought was renamed as Utter Bharat Bhoogol Patrika in1968. It is one of the standard bilingual research journals of geography inIndia, being published regularly. After retirement of Prof. U. Singh, Dr.Jagdish Singh, being senior most Reader took over the charge of Headship on 1stJuly 1979. Sri Kant Dixit was appointed as lecturer in February 1980, afterserving two years at Saket PG. College, Faizabad. Dr. C.B. Tiwari left thedepartment as principal of Buddha PG. College Kushinagar, by the end of 1980and further he was elevated as Vice—Chancellor of Merrut University. Thedepartment shifted in new building of its own on 26th Jan. 1981. In Feb. 1981Dr. Jagdish Singh was appointed as Professor and V.K. Srivastava as Reader. Inthe mean time Dr. B.P. Rao Visited Ruhr University, Bochum for a period of 6months. In September 1982 Mrs. Nutan Tyagi was appointed as a lecturer. Theyear 1983 may be called a landmark in the progress of geography department withthe founding the Association of Marketing Geographers of India and with thepublication of its biannual journal Indian Journal of Marketing Geography. Thechief editor of that journal Dr. V.K. Srivastava became member of I.G.U.Commission on Commercial Activities. Further he was elevated to the post ofchairman of commission (1992-96). In May 1986 Dr. BR Rao, Dr. H.H. Giri, Dr.R.B. Singh, Dr. S.N. Singh, Dr. Hira Lal, Dr. J .N. Pandey were promoted asReaders. In July 1986, Dr. R.B. Singh left the department and joined B.H.U.Varanasi on the same post. In same year Dr. S.S. Verma, Dr. BR. Chauhan and Dr.S.K. Dixit were promoted as senior lecturers. Later on in December 1987, Dr.KN. Singh and Dr. R.B. Patel were appointed as lecturers. In February 1989, Dr.V.N. Sharma was appointed as lecturer. In December 1991 Dr. V.K. Srivastava waspromoted as professor along with Dr. S.S. Verma, Dr. BR. Chauhan and Dr. S.K.Dixit as Readers in the department. Dr. Hari Har Giri retired on 1st July 1989but worked till 30th June 1990 on session benefit. Dr. R.K. Yadav, who wasworking as a cartographer was given lectureship in 1993, by enhancement of thecartographer’s post as lecturer. Dr. BR Rao retired from his long service on11th July 1995, though he was in the department till 30th June 1996. In theyear of 1996 Dr. Hira Lal promoted as professor, Dr. Nutan Tyagi as reader andDr. K.N. Singh, Dr. R.B. Patel, Dr. V.N. Sharma ere promoted as seniorlecturers. Prof. J. Singh retired in Jan. 1997, serving as professor and Headfor about 18 years and handed over the charge of headship to Professor V.K. Srivastava.In this year the under-graduate and post-graduate syllabi were revised keepingin view to U.G.C. Model and the courses of other university. A workshop ofuniversity and college teachers was organized to shape new courses. At thistime new courses like Geographic Information System, Geography of Health, Biogeographyand Computer Assisted Cartography were introduced. On Oct. 11, 1998 Dr. J .N.Pandey was promoted as professor and Dr. P.R. Chauhan and Dr. S.K. Dikshitselected as readers while Dr. R.K. Yadav promoted as senior lecturer, Dr. S.S.Verma left the department on 14th May 1998 to join the post of Member of UP.Secondary Education Selection Board on deputation leave. Professor Srivastavaserved the department up to 30th June 1999 and handed over the charge ofheadship to Professor H.L. Yadav on 30th June 1999. Dr. Shiva Kant Singh joinedas lecturer on October 26th 1999. Dr. S.S. Verma and Dr. S.K. Dixit werepromoted as professor on July 19th 2001. While Dr. K.N. Singh, Dr. R.B. Pateland Dr. V.N. Sharma promoted as reader under career advancement scheme. On July20th 2001 N.K. Rana joined the department as lecturer after completing his M.Phil. Degree from Delhi University. Professor H.L. Yadav retired on 14th 2002and handed over the charge of headship to Professor J .N. Pandey. Dr. Pandeystarted the self-finance course of PG Diploma in Tourism and Tourist Management(PGDTTM), in which 25 students were admitted. In December 1998 the departmenthas organized 20th Indian Geography Conference of NAGI in which about 300participants participated from various parts of country. In April 2003, Dr.P.R. Chauhan promoted as professor and later on Dr. R.K. Yadav promoted asreader in Oct. 2003, In the mean time Professor J .N. Pandey retired fromheadship on 15th August 2003 and handed over the charge of headship toProfessor S.S. Verma. Professor J .N. Pandey retired on 30th June, 2006 as theage of retirement as of the teachers enhanced from 60 to 62 years by the StateGovernment. On 15th November, 2008 Dr. Nutan Tyagi, Dr. K.N. Singh and Dr. R.B.Patel were promoted as Professor on personal promotion scheme, whereas Dr. S.K.Singh and Dr. N.K. Rana were promoted as Senior Lecturer Grade. Dr. V.N. Sharmahas joined the department of Geography, B.H.U. as Prof. of Geography on 6thDec. 2007. Prof. S.K. Dixit took over the charge of the Head of the departmenton 3rd July, 2008. After that Dr. S.K. Singh was promoted as Reader in 2008.Prof. P.R. Chauhan took over the charge of the Head of the department on 3rdJuly, 2011. Dr. N.K. Rana completed his PG Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS in2013- 14 from IIRS and he was promoted as Associate Professor in 2013. In 2014,Prof. Nutan Tyagi took over the charge of the Head of the department and Dr.Shiva KantSingh was promoted as Professor. Professor K.N. Singh took over thecharge of the Head of the department on 02 July, 2017. On 21 February, 2018 aglorious chapter has been added to the department when Professor K.N. Singh wasappointed as Vice Chancellor of Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University,Prayagraj. Prof. Shiva Kant Singh took over the charge of the Head of thedepartment on 21 February, 2018. On 2nd July 2018 Dr. Narendra Kumar Ranajoined the Department as Professor on cadre post and Dr. Swarnima Singh, Dr.Sarvesh Kumar, Dr. Ankit Singh, Dr. Dipak Prasad and Dr. Ruchika Singh joinedthe department as Assistant Professors. Prof. Narendra Kumar Rana took over thecharge of the Head of the department on 21 February 2021. Prof. N.K. Rana hasjoined the department of Geography, B.H.U. as Prof. of Geography on 23rd April2021 and Prof. Shiva Kant Singh again took over the charge of the Head of thedepartment. Under his headship implemented the syllabus of UG, PG and Ph.D.Course Work on CBCS pattern as well as passed three otherCertificate-cum-Diploma courses i.e. (i) Certificate-cum- Diploma Course inEnvironmental Management, (ii) Certificate-cum-Diploma Course in Remote Sensing& GIS and (iii) Certificate-cum-Diploma Course in Hospitality & TourismManagement. It is a matter of great pleasure after retirement Prof. K.N. Singhwas again appointed as Vice Chancellor of South Bihar Central University, Gaya.Contact: Head, Department of Geography, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur,Uttar Pradesh. 

The Department has got Centre for Excellenace in 2020.

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Name of Department Department of Geography
Head of Department Prof S. K. Singh
Address of Department Department of Geography , DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur- 273009
Contact Number 9451559355
Email ID geodepttddugu@gmail.com
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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069772005516
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Scientific Equipment Link https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=368952505440480&set=a.106704548331945


Type Number
Class Rooms - ICT 04
Class Rooms - Non-ICT 01
Seminar Rooms 01
Common Rooms 01
Departmental Libraries 01
Gents Toilets 01
Ladies Toilets 01
Disabled Person Toilets 00
Faculty Rooms 11
Office 01
Reception Yes
Waiting Area Yes
Lobby Yes
Ramp 01
Disabled Friendly Yes
Labs 01

Electrical Appliances

Type Number
Fans 52
LED Lights/Tube lights 70
Air Conditioners 06
Coolers NIL
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Refrigerators NIL
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Computers 15
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Routers NIL
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Servers NIL

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5 Years Master Plan No Document
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Teaching Plan No Document
Student Attendance Yes

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Number of Programs https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/92219015-e087-4610-91ba-6d406773f6ac.docx
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No. of Publications 45
No. of Books Published 6
No. of Chapters Published 20

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Type No. of Student
Under Graduate (UG) 400
Post Graduate (PG) 110
Ph.D. Scholars 49
From Within State ---
From Outside State ---
International slow learners (Only UG): ---
International fast learners (Only UG): ---

Other Information

Strengths GIS labs and recent geo-environmental techniques, Futuristic technology-oriented curriculum design
Weaknesses The current physical infrastructure is an issue
Opportunities The recent collaboration with Indian remote Sensing Centre, Indian Institute of Population Study
Challenges The physical Infrastructure is the biggest hurdle and challenge


Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Prof. Shiva Kant SinghProfessor and Head9451559355View
2Dr. Swarnima SinghAsst. Professor9910146475View
3Dr. Sarvesh KumarAsst. Professor9307479877View
4Dr. Ankit SinghAsst. Professor9450733490View
5Dr. Dipak PrasadAsst. Professor9839834285View

Courses & Syllabi

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1BAView/Download --
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Research & Publications

Research Projects (Last 5 Years)

Project Title
Funding Agency
State/Central Govt.
ICSSR ProjectDr. N.K. RanaICSSRGeographyCentral Government 3.220182
Wetland Management of Gorakh[ur District through special technologiesDr. Nutan TyagiUGCGeographyCentral Government 4.3120153
DST NRDMSDr. Nutan TyagiDSTGeographyCentral Government 820142 years
Integrated Land and water management with special reference to Rapti BasinDr. K. N. SinghUGCGeographyCentral Government 7.0520132

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Retired Faculties

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Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Dr. S.K. DikshitProfessor9450867787View
2Dr. Nutan TyagiProfessor9795337591View
3Dr. K.N. SinghProfessor9415212233View
4Prof. R.B. PatelProfessor9695589030View

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