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TheDepartment of Zoology is a constituent entity of the Faculty of Science, DDUGorakhpur University, Gorakhpur.  Sinceits inception in 1958 under the academic leadership of Prof. H. S. Chaudhary,as founder Head, who later became the Vice Chancellor of the university, it hasbeen the foremost center for learning in all aspects of animal sciences inEastern part of India. Further, Prof. G. S. Shukla, Prof. K. Swarup, Prof. R.A. Agarwal, Prof. Anil K. Srivastava, Prof. A. S. Narain, Prof. K. Pandey,Prof. K. Kumar, Prof. C. P. M. Tripathi, Prof. V. B. Upadhyaya, Prof. R. Singhand Prof. D. K. Singh as head of the department and Dr. Gopal Ji Srivastav, Dr.T. B. Sinha, Prof S. C. Saxena, Prof. S. Khera, Prof. S. S. Gauraya, Prof. A.B. Das, Prof. S. S. Krishna, Prof. M. K. Khare, Prof. R. S. Bhatt, Dr. A. K.Maity, Dr. B. P. Rai, Prof. R. P. Singh, Prof. N. Kumar, Dr. S. R. Tripathi,Prof. A. K. Singh, Prof. A. K. Srivastav, Prof. B. A. Ansari, Prof. P. H.Pathak, Prof. Sunil K Srivastav and Dr. S. K. Tiwari nurtured and strengthened the department with their wisdom andknowledge.

 The vision of the department is to facilitatetransformation of students into good human beings, responsible citizens andcompetent professionals focusing on assimilation generation and disseminationof knowledge. This Department strives to create a firstclass experience for its students by providing a state-of-the-art educationaland research environment and giving an opportunity to interact with faculty members.The Department is dedicated to maintain its reputation as an outstandingDepartment on the basis of the rigorous curriculum and the quality of research.The faculty is committed to encourage students to come up with innovative ideasand fulfill their dreams by preparing themselves professionally for thecompetitive global market. The department values teaching and research on equalfooting and emphasizes research as an integral component of the overall growthof the academic environment and every possible opportunity is harnessed toinclude the research in the curriculum. The core mission of the department isto advance the Zoology and Environmental Science through the maintenance anddevelopment of the quality teaching, research programs.

Atpresent the department offers opportunities for Bachelor’s, Master’s andDoctoral degrees in Zoology and Master’s and Doctoral in Environmental Science.Cell biology, Fishery biology and Entomology at Post Graduation level inZoology are offered as specialization by the department.. Our course curriculumreflects the strong disciplinary and inter disciplinary approaches in researchand teaching. We strive for excellence and synergy in our coordinated programsof teaching and research produce students who are well versed with the subject.Hence with time the faculty members of the department have been upgrading thesyllabus to fulfill the objectives and mission of the department. During lastsession CBCS system was implemented for postgraduate program in Zoology andEnvironmental Science and this year department has rolled out CBCS system forUndergraduate and Pre Phd program.    

Theoutstanding research output of the department is indicated by publication ofmore than 2540 full research papers and 115 review articles in widelycirculated international journals of good impact factors, since its inception.Active participation of the faculty members in more the 200 national andinternational conference and about a dozen books published by the facultymembers indicate the vibrant academic life of the department. Since itsestablishment about 400 students were awarded Ph.D. and two were conferredD.Sc. in Zoology. Faculty members of the department have successfully completedmany projects funded by national agencies like CSIR, UGC, UPCST, ICAR, DBT, DSTand DOE.

The departmenthas well equipped laboratories, an organized museum and Departmental librarywith good collection of books. Faculty members of the department are activelyengaged in the corporate life of the university to maintain healthy anddisciplined atmosphere in the university. The department has successfullyconducted 4 international, 6 national conferences, 7 refresher courses, 5 shortterm workshops and all faculty members have been actively delivering lecturesin different institutions, colleges and UGC HRDC. Department of Zoologybelieves in carrying research from lab to land hence, following this theme ithas been organizing farmer’s awareness programs on vermi-composting,Bio-pesticides and their uses. Celebration of world environment day, worldozone day, wild life week etc. to initiate awareness about environmental issuesis a regular feature of the department. At present, under the dynamicleadership of Prof. Veena B. Kushwaha department is striving forward towardsexcellence.

Prof. Ajay Singh(171 research publication), is internationally known for formulation and usageof bio-pesticides for the control of vector borne diseases. His team isactively involved in control of mosquitoes in eastern Uttar Pradesh incollaboration with Department of malaria, U.P. Government. At present he isalso actively extending his services as Dean Student’s Welfare, FinanceOfficer, Director, IQAC of the University.

Prof. Veena B.Kushwaha (50 research publication) is working on controlled/sustained releaseof biologically active compounds from synthetic as well as natural polymermatrices. She is also engaged in evaluation of toxicological andpharmacological activities of toxicants against mammals. She has deliveredabout a dozen on line and offline invited talks in various faculty developmentprogrammes for different University/ colleges during this session.

Prof. R. K.Upadhyay (157 research publication) is actively engaged in isolation,purification and production of monoclonal antibodies against animal toxins. Hehas done work on immuno cytochemical localization of cholesterol bindingproteins in insects, antimicrobial activity of plant extracts and termitecontrol.

Prof. Vinay K.Singh (147 research publication) is actively engaged in the study of molluscanphysiology, biochemistry and snail control. The research team of this lab hasreported the nucleotide sequencing of Fasciola gigantic and theirlarvae. He is Chief Editor of two International repute Journals. He is alsoserving as Director, Self Finance Courses, Honorary Librarian, Convener, Roversand Rangers and In-charge EDP Cell, Chief of Employment Information and AdvisoryCentre, Convener of Chief Minister’s U.P Shikshuta Protsanhan Yojna,Coordinator affiliated colleges, ADSW and Secretary Alumni Cell.

Dr. Keshav Singh(81 research publication) is working in the area of Vermi-biotechnology andwaste management. He has expertise in production of vermi-compost fromdifferent waste materials. He is also serving as Programme Co-ordinator of NSS.

Dr. R. P. Yadav(48 research publication) focuses on studying the mechanism of control ofvector snails and fresh water predatory fishes using both natural and syntheticpesticides. He evaluates toxicity of pesticides via biochemical, physiologicaland genotoxic experiments against freshwater fishes. He was awarded youngscientist award by council of Science and technology, Uttar Pradesh Governmentin the year 2005-06 for his work.

Dr Sushil Kumar(10 research publication) is a passionate researcher and teacher in the fieldof cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Cytogenetics, Gastroenterology andBiostatistics. He has been awarded two best paper presentation awards.

Department Profile

Department Info Details

Name of Department Department of Zoology
Head of Department Prof. Veena Batra Kushwaha
Address of Department DDU Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur
Contact Number 9451214195
Email ID veenabatrakushwaha@gmail.com
Social Media Page's Links :
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100080004669254
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/department_of_zoology_ddu
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNPMnZv-ncEYjRI_qap7aTA
Twitter https://www.twitter.com/zoologyddugkp

Scientific Equipments Details

Scientific Equipment Link https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/d998ef1a-36c6-4bbd-be54-c78b64de8232.docx


Type Number
Class Rooms - ICT 04
Class Rooms - Non-ICT 00
Seminar Rooms 02
Common Rooms 0
Departmental Libraries 01
Gents Toilets 02
Ladies Toilets 02
Disabled Person Toilets 0
Faculty Rooms 18
Office 01
Reception Yes
Waiting Area Yes
Lobby Yes
Ramp 0
Disabled Friendly Yes
Labs 7

Electrical Appliances

Type Number
Fans 48
LED Lights/Tube lights 64
Air Conditioners 34
Coolers 0
Room Heaters 0
Refrigerators 05
Any Other 00


Type Number
Computers 03
Printers 03
Routers 0
Network Switches 01
Servers 01

Additional Information

5 Years Master Plan https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptPro5plan102898505.pdf
Annual Department Plan https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptProadepplan102898505.pdf
Teaching Plan https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptProteachplan102898505.pdf
Student Attendance Yes

Time Table

UG View Document
PG View Document
Slow Learners View Document
Fast Learners
Room No. with Details No Document
Co-curricular Activity No Document
List of Alumni No Document
Innovation Practices No Document
Stock Register Yes
Internal Evaluation Records No
Special Provision made for Advanced & Slow/Fast Learners No

Visiting Guest Faculty

No. of Guest Lectures Yes
List of Guest Faculty https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/1ec384ef-ef2a-4a6e-9f9e-4094b289e96c.docx
Consultancy Services No Document
Community Extension Programs No Document
Learning Resources Available in the Department No Document
Achievements and Rewards https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/ce117eb6-467f-4556-9a04-d37b937ffa3d.docx
Academic Audit No Document
List of Fast Learners
List of Slow Learners No Document
E-Content https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/341712c7-fcf3-428e-8313-acbef5f5a5aa.docx
Any Other 00

Program Details

Number of Programs https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/ee294638-5ed7-4562-8ede-c0013b5600bf.docx
Number of Courses View Document
Papers Taught View Document
Value Added Courses No Document
Students enrolled in Each Value-Added Course No Document
No. of Publications 183
No. of Books Published 4
No. of Chapters Published 29

Student Information

Type No. of Student
Under Graduate (UG) 459
Post Graduate (PG) 115
Ph.D. Scholars 62
From Within State 636
From Outside State ---
International slow learners (Only UG): ---
International fast learners (Only UG): ---

Other Information

Strengths A highly motivated team of well qualified and subject specialized academic staff, Well-equipped, spacious, Classrooms and laboratories, all the faculty members are engaged in research work. Good interaction between student and teachers. Quality contribution of teachers in university administration.
Weaknesses Research group needs to be rebuilt for interdisciplinary research, start up funds for incoming faculty should be provided, infrastructure needs improvement for progress of research, Teacher student ratio is of concern, More technical staff is required,
Opportunities Students have opportunity to choose specialization during post graduation. They will get more choices in the coming year. under graduate students have CBCS syllabus as defined in NEP2020. They have choice to select skill base minor courses. They get several opportunities to interact with experts of various fields of zoology during guest lectures, workshops, and conferences that are organized by the department.
Challenges Major challenge is to motivate the students to perform well and work hard to perform good interdisciplinary applied research and develop required infrastructure. Second major challenge is to work with low strength of teaching faculty. Develop plan to start consultancy work in the field of animal husbandry, poultry, fishery, pest control etc.


Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Prof. Ajay SinghProfessor9455079559View
2Dr. Veena Batra KushwahaProfessor and Head9451214195View
3Dr. Ravi Kant UpadhyayProfessor9838448495View
4PROF. VINAY KUMAR SINGHProfessor9807110100; 9415855488View
5Dr. Keshav SinghProfessor9450433313View
6Dr. Mahendra Pratap SinghAssociate Professor9012557982View
7Dr. Ram Pratap YadavAsst. Professor9450436049View
8Dr. Kapinder (On Lien)Asst. Professor8750135330View
9Dr. Sushil KumarAsst. Professor9877227405View
10Dr. Sunil Kumar SinghAsst. Professor9415261727View
11Dr. Smita SinghAsst. Professor9936521705View
12Dr. Manish Pratap SinghAsst. Professor9452719829View
13Dr. Arundhati SinghAsst. Professor9838281819View
14Dr. Sunaina GautamAsst. Professor6393279861View

Courses & Syllabi

 Sr. No. Course Syllabus CBCS
1Pre_PhD_course-ZoologyView/Download --
2Time Table of Online Classes of M.Sc(III Semester) ZoologyView/Download --
3Time Table of Online Classes of M.Sc(III Semester) Environmental ScienceView/Download --
4B.Sc.I,II,III -Zoology SyllabusView/Download --
5Pre_PhD_course-Environmental ScienceView/Download --

Research & Publications

Research Projects (Last 5 Years)

Project Title
Funding Agency
State/Central Govt.
Genotoxicity and metabolic anamolies induced by water pollutants in freshwater fishesDr. Ajay SinghUGC New DelhZoologyGovernment 13.4920183 Years
Effect of some organic pesticidesand heavy metals on the biomarkers of oxidative stress in different tissues of zebra fish, Danio rerioDr. B.A. AnsariCSTZoologyGovernment 920183 Years
Studies on the toxic effect of microcystin and chlorpyriphos (an organophosphate) on some vital functions of rat and to investigate protective role of plant products.Dr. S.K. SrivastavUGCZoologyGovernment 14.9720183 Years
To assess the Adsorption Efficiency and Anti-microbial potential of activated Multi-walled Carbon nanotubes for removal of Lead from water samples funded by University of Delhi.Dr. KapinderUniversity of DelhiZoologyGovernment 5.520181 Year
Assessment of humoral immune response against Ebola Virus glycoprotein peptide using Balb/C mice as model.Dr. KapinderDIPASZoologyGovernment 9.520181 Year
UPCSTDr. B.A. AnsariUPCSTZoologyState Government 3.420153 years
Animal and Forn Waste Management through Mechnical Cow Composting MachineDr. Keshav SinghUGCZoologyCentral Government 3.2520132
Effect of some heavy metals on the reproduction on some enzyme system of Zebra fish Donio rerioDr. B. A AmsariUGCZoologyCentral Government 7.2420132

Research Papers


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Retired Faculties

Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Prof. Ajai Kumar SrivastavProfessor9336400846View
2Dr. Rajendra SinghProfessor9415258520View
3Prof. Dinesh Kumar SinghProfessor9454211574View
4Dr. Badre Alam AnsariProfessor9452448942View
5Dr. Sunil Kumar SrivastavProfessor9450413232View
6Dr. Param Hans PathakProfessor8005365347View
7Dr. Shri Krishna TiwariAsst. Professor9450264779View

Time Table

 Sr. No.  Semester Under Graduate Post Graduate Other
1 --View/Download