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The  Department of Mathematics was established in 1958 and it became functional under the able guidance of renowned mathematician Prof. R.S. Mishra in October 1958. In September 1963, Prof. R. P. Agarwal succeeded Prof. R.S. Mishra. Statistics as a full-fledged subject was introduced in the year 1970 at under-graduate level and the teaching of Statistics at postgraduate level was started in 1982.As a consequence, the department was renamed as the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Under the able guidance of Prof. R. P. Agarwal, the department developed into an important school of research in the fields of Theory of Relativity, Differential Geometry, Fluid Dynamics, Special Functions and Summability.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics covers an area of 1632 square meters in Majithia Bhavan of the University named after Sir Surendra Singh Majithia, who made significant donation to the building through his family trust.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics has made great strides. The department offers researches besides under graduate and post-graduate courses in the subject Mathematics and Statistics.

Department has a rich Departmental Library containing about 10 thousand books and journals.Earlier about sixty National / International research journals were being subscribed in the department. Grant from the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) has enabled the department to acquire quality books on various modern branches of Mathematics. Some back-volume Journals have been purchased from NBHM grant. However, NBHM library grant has been revived again from 2019. Faculty members, staff,students and researchers are eligible to access e-resources through INFLIBNET.

In the year 1983, at the initiation of Prof. B.G. Verma, a society known as National Academy of Mathematics, India was founded to promote mathematical training and research. A research journal named 'Journal of the National Academy of Mathematics India, was initiated to publish research papers of Mathematics and Statistics. Earlier a departmental body ‘Gorakhpur University Mathematics Association’ has organized several talent contests and lectures by distinguished mathematicians of the country and abroad. The department has by now produced more than 300 Ph.D. scholars and 1 post-doctoral fellow. Also, about 2000 research papers and 100 texts books have been published by the faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Four International and various national conferences has been organized by the department for promoting Mathematical and Statistical theories and application

Government of Uttar Pradesh has declared the status of Center of Excellence in 2019 to the Department. Dr. Archana Singh Bhadauria and Dr. Rajesh Kumar have received Start-up grants from UGC.

At present, department is actively involved in research area of Functional Analysis, Differential Manifolds, Operations Research, Bio-Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Wavelet Analysis, Fixed Point Theory, Fourier Analysis and Approximation Theory, Statistical Inference, Bayesian Inference and Life Testing, Reliability Theory, Demography, Bio-Statistics and Computational Statistics.

Now-a-days the department is well equipped with six LCD Projectors which are being used by faculty members while teaching in the classrooms.

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Name of Department Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Head of Department Prof. Vijay Kumar
Address of Department Majithia Bhawan
Contact Number 9415277941
Email ID ddugu.maths.stats@gmail.com
Social Media Page's Links :
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Department-of-Mathematics-and-Statistics-DDU-Gorakhpur-University-102751142401152/?ref=pages_you_manage
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ddumathstat/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYoe7qursu9IwyLDJosYD5A
Twitter https://twitter.com/maths_stats22

Scientific Equipments Details

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Type Number
Class Rooms - ICT 04
Class Rooms - Non-ICT 05
Seminar Rooms 01
Common Rooms 01
Departmental Libraries 01
Gents Toilets 05
Ladies Toilets 02
Disabled Person Toilets 00
Faculty Rooms 13
Office 01
Reception NA
Waiting Area NA
Lobby NA
Ramp Yes
Disabled Friendly NA
Labs 02

Electrical Appliances

Type Number
Fans 82
LED Lights/Tube lights 10/166
Air Conditioners 15
Coolers 01
Room Heaters 00
Refrigerators 00
Any Other Photo Copy Machine - 01


Type Number
Computers 38
Printers 16
Routers 02
Network Switches 01
Servers 00

Additional Information

5 Years Master Plan No Document
Annual Department Plan No Document
Teaching Plan No Document
Student Attendance Yes

Time Table

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PG View Document
Slow Learners View Document
Fast Learners
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Stock Register Yes
Internal Evaluation Records Yes
Special Provision made for Advanced & Slow/Fast Learners Yes

Visiting Guest Faculty

No. of Guest Lectures No
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Community Extension Programs No Document
Learning Resources Available in the Department https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/e136f6ae-e470-452f-9c9c-500ccf5c0a05.docx
Achievements and Rewards https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/551d4258-a86d-4c36-b80a-bb34ec8d36d9.docx
Academic Audit No Document
List of Fast Learners
List of Slow Learners https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/d4b10e1e-30d1-44ab-8042-eabb7c4b90ba.docx
E-Content https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/83b9e539-25c4-4612-9f9c-27f0ee001242.pdf
Any Other None

Program Details

Number of Programs https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/d674db5b-3536-4b37-9b22-cf9820b882c0.docx
Number of Courses View Document
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Value Added Courses https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/2c41e384-38b3-4fdf-84b1-1f0ae36d26ee.docx
Students enrolled in Each Value-Added Course https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/5a4b64a2-c2dc-4669-bcd2-f2a4e5bf8ef3.pdf
No. of Publications 127
No. of Books Published 39
No. of Chapters Published 1

Student Information

Type No. of Student
Under Graduate (UG) 937
Post Graduate (PG) 296
Ph.D. Scholars 61
From Within State 1290
From Outside State 04
International slow learners (Only UG): 00
International fast learners (Only UG): 00

Other Information

Strengths • Well Qualified and long experienced faculties. • Regular& continuous updating of U.G. & P.G. Courses. • Laborious research’s to produce quality research. • Well disciplined students and non-teaching staff. • Regular teaching in the department. • Fully devoted faculties and non-teaching staff.
Weaknesses • Insufficient grants. • Insufficient teaching staff. • Poor supporting staff • Student’s ratio.
Opportunities • B+ Accredited by NAAC. • Good reputation in UP, Bihar, MP, Haryana & Nepal. • Availability of national resource persons as guest faculty. • Impressive alumni. • More scope for students of Mathematics & Statistics in the present scenario.
Challenges Unavailability of placement services in university.


Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Dr. Sudhir Kumar SrivastavaProfessor9415303852View
2Prof. Vijai Shanker VermaProfessor9450885902View
3Prof. Vijay KumarProfessor and Head9415277941View
4Dr. Uma SrivastavaProfessor9415339169View
5Dr. Himanshu PandeyProfessor9415282207View
6Prof. H.S. ShuklaView
7Prof. J.K. SrivastavaView
8Prof. J.P. VishwakarmaView
9Prof. R.C. SrivastavaView
10Prof. R.S. SrivastavaView
11Prof. T.N. PandeyView
12Prof. Dhruv NarainView
13Prof. Ashfaq Ahmad Ansari8930002812View
14Prof. Jogvind Kumar Srivastava8930002813View
15Dr. Jitendra Kumar KushwahaAsst. Professor7500994085View
16Dr. Vikash RanaAsst. Professor6307972473View
17Dr. Rajesh PandeyAsst. Professor9838756151View
18Dr. Vivek Kumar SharmaAsst. Professor9140385469View
19Dr. Gyanvendra Pratap SinghAsst. Professor9889104272View
20Dr. Julee SrivastavaAsst. Professor9721017372View
21Dr. Archana Singh BhadauriaAsst. Professor8765681069View
22Dr. Rajesh KumarAsst. Professor7985619390View

Courses & Syllabi

 Sr. No. Course Syllabus CBCS
1Mathematics --View/Download
2B.A./B.Sc.(Mathematics)View/Download --
3NEP B.A./B.Sc. (Mathematics) (2021-2022)View/DownloadView/Download
4NEP B.A./B.Sc. (Statistics) (2021-2022)View/DownloadView/Download
5NEP M.A./M.Sc. (Mathematics) (2022-2023)View/DownloadView/Download
6NEP M.A./M.Sc. (Statistics) (2022-2023)View/DownloadView/Download
7Pre-Phd (Mathematics)(2021-2022)View/DownloadView/Download
8Pre-Phd (Statistics)(2021-2022)View/DownloadView/Download
9NEP M.A./M.Sc. (Mathematics) (2021-2022)View/DownloadView/Download
10NEP M.A./M.Sc. (Statistics) (2021-2022)View/DownloadView/Download
11Pre-Phd (Mathematics)(2022-2023)View/DownloadView/Download
12Pre-Phd (Statistics)(2022-2023)View/DownloadView/Download

Research & Publications

Research Projects (Last 5 Years)

Project Title
Funding Agency
State/Central Govt.
UGC Start-Up GrantDr. Archana Singh BhadauriaUGCMathematics & StatisticsGovernment 1020192 Years
COE SchemeProf. S.K. SrivastavaU.P. Govt.Mathematics & StatisticsGovernment 720192 Years
UGC Start-Up GrantDr. Rajesh KumarUGCMathematics & StatisticsGovernment 1020182 Years
Certain Investigationsin Finsler GeometrtyProf. H.S. ShuklaUGCMathematics & StatisticsGovernment 10.9520143 Years

Research Papers

Retired Faculties

Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.

Time Table

 Sr. No.  Semester Under Graduate Post Graduate Other
1I SemesterView/DownloadView/Download
2III SemesterView/DownloadView/Download