About Department

In the initial stage of the establishment of the department, it was named as Department of Mathematics and it came into existence in October, 1958. It had started with a modest and    impressive beginning and has grown into a grand Department of Mathematics and Statistics. A renowned mathematician Padmashree Prof. R.S. Mishra  was the first   Professor of Mathematics who joined the  Department    whose academic endeavours led to all-round development of the department.

Prof. R.P. Agarwal,another eminent mathematician, succeeded Prof. Mishra in September, 1963. Underthe able guidance of Prof. R.S. Mishra and Prof. R.P. Agrawal, the Departmentof   Mathematics developed into an important‘Centre of Research’ in the fields  of Theory of   Relativity, Differential Geometry, Fluid Dynamics, Special Functions & Summability Theory.

Statistics as a full-fledged and separate subject was introduced in the academic session1970-71 at the Under-Graduate level and the teaching of Statistics at the Post-Graduate level was started in the session  1982-83. As a consequence, the department was rechristened as the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 1970.

At the initiative ofProf. B.G. Verma, an academic body (society) named as National Academy of Mathematics, India was founded in the year 1983to promote mathematical training and  research. A research journal named ‘Journal of the National Academy of Mathematics, India was started to publish  research papers on Mathematics and Statistics.

At present, there are 13 faculty members and 3Non-Teaching Staff  working in thedepartment.

Listof Faculty Members:






Prof. Sudhir Kumar Srivastava


Differential Geometry, General Relativity


Prof. Vijai Shanker Verma


Mathematical Modelling, Bio Mathematics


Prof. Vijay Kumar

Professor and Head

Computational Statistics, Computing with R, Probability Distributions


Prof. Uma Srivastava


Bayesian Inference, Reliability, Engg. Statistics


Prof. Himanshu Pandey


Technical Demography, Operation Research, Applied Statistics


Dr. Rajesh Pandey

Assistant Professor

Special Functions


Dr. Archana Singh Bhadauria

Assistant Professor

Mathematical Modelling, Bio Mathematics


Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Assistant Professor

General Relativity, Cosmology


Dr. Gyanvendra Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor

Differential Geometry


Dr. Vikash Rana

Assistant Professor

Mathematical Modelling, Bio Mathematics


Dr. Julee Srivastava

Assistant Professor

Functional Analysis


Dr. Jitendra Kumar Kushwaha

Assistant Professor

Summability Theory


Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor

Wavelet Analysis


Listof Non-Teaching Staff





Shri Bhim Sen



Shri Santosh Kumar

Lab Assistant


Shri Akhilesh Pandey




Library:TheDepartment has a Library for PG and Research students containing thousands of booksand journals. The library is partially funded by NBHM also.

ComputerLab: The department has well-equipped three Computer Labswith 30 PCs with internet facilities.  Thedepartment has perpetual version of MATLAB and MATHEMATICA Software.

ThrustAreas of Research:

Talent contests and lectures as well asnational and international conferences and workshops are organized from time totime in the Department. The department has energetic and dedicated facultymembers who are actively involved in research areas: Theory of Relativity, Cosmology,Differential Geometry, Differentiable Manifolds, Mathematical Analysis, Number Theory, Fuzzy Sets, FuzzyOptimization, Operations Research, Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics,Wavelet Analysis, Numerical Methods, Mathematical Modelling, Biomathematics,Information Theory, Reliability Theory, Stochastic Modelling, StatisticalInference, Bayesian Inference, Demography, Machine Learning, Data Analysis,etc. Presently about 60 research scholars are pursuing their research workunder the able guidance of the faculty members. The department has to itscredit produced so far about 300 Ph.D. scholars and 3 Post-Doctoral Fellows.Also, about 2000 research papers and 200 books have been published by thefaculty members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


As a mile stone, the department wasawarded the status of Center ofExcellence by the U.P. Government in 2019 for its excellent research andacademic activities.

The faculty members have also completeda numbers of major research projects funded by UGC, CSIR, DST, CST-UP, NBHM andother Government funding agencies. At Present, two Major research projects  funded by CST-UP and UP Government arerunning in the department.

List of Head of Department                              Time-line

1.     Prof. R.S. Mishra                                 1958      -      1963

2.     Prof. R.P. Agarwal                              1963      -      1966

3.     Prof. K.B. Lal                                      1966      -      1979  

4.     Prof. B.G. Verma                                1979      -      1985

5.     Prof. U.P. Singh                                  1985      -      1991

6.     Prof. H.D. Pandey                               1991      -      2001

7.     Prof. C.M. Prasad                                2001      -      2002   

8.     Prof. V.P. Ojha                                    2002      -      2003

9.     Prof. A.A. Ansari                                 2003      -      2007

10. Prof. H. S. Shukla                          21.06.2007 - 19.12.2007

11. Prof. A. A. Ansari                          20.12.2007 - 02.07.2008

12. Prof. H. S. Shukla                          03.07.2008 - 02.07.2011

13. Prof. R. S. Srivastava                     03.07.2011 - 31.12.2013

14. Prof. R.C. Srivastava                      01.01.2014 - 19.03.2015

15. Prof. J.P. Vishwakarma                  20.03.2015 - 04.01.2017

16. Prof. S.K. Srivastava                      05.01.2017 - 04.01.2020

17. Prof. V. S. Verma                           05.01.2020 - 20.12.2021

18. Prof. Vijay Kumar                          20.12.2021 -    tilldate


Mission of the Department

The mission of theDepartment of Mathematics & Statistics is to contribute to the overallobjectives of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University and its affiliatedcolleges through excellence in research and teaching in Mathematical Sciencesand through informal discussions and other social services to the teachingcommunity, professionals, and society at large.


Vision of the Department

The vision of theDepartment of Mathematics & Statistics is to promote and support a comprehensive,innovative, and dynamic learning environment. The main vision of the Departmentis to become world class facility centre in the area of Mathematical Sciencesnationally and internationally through Post-Graduate Courses, ResearchExpertise, Publications, and Resources in Mathematical Sciences and tocater  the requirements of users ofMathematical Sciences in various fields. Besides teaching, one of theremarkable activities of the Department has been the vigorous research studiesdone by the faculty members and the research scholars in both Pure and Applied Mathematicsas well as Statistics.


·        Seminars are conducted for PG and PhDstudents of both the subjects Mathematics and Statistics on alternate Saturdaysto enhance their presentation skill/knowledge in mathematical sciences.

·        Weekly classes on Mathematical Sciencesare conducted to encourage the UG and PG students for various competitiveexamination such as IIT-JAM, CSIR and GATEetc.

·         Parent-Teacher meetings are organized fromtime to time in the department.

·         National/International Conferences are organised every year during the month of October- Novemberto share the knowledge on latest research updates amongst Mathematics communityand to establish research collaboration with other institute/university.

·         Every year on 22nd December,the Department celebrates National Mathematics Day. On this occasion, manyactivities such as mathematics-quiz, poster-presentation, and special lecturesare organized.

·         The department provides following four scholarships/prizefor PG students in every academic session:

(i)                Padamshree Professor R. S. MishraMemorial scholarship

(ii)              Professor K.B. Lal Memorial scholarship

(iii)            Professor Ram Nivas Memorial Scholarship

(iv)            Pandit Harihar Prasad Dubey Memorialscholarship


Teaching-Learning Process

Teaching-Learning Process is a combined processwhere a teacher assesses learning needs, establishes specific learningobjectives, develops teaching and learning strategies, implements plan of workand evaluates the outcomes of the instruction.

The comprehensive course outline enables thestudents to enhance mathematical & statistical skills, data analysis, computationalskills, and machine learning skills. The teaching-learning process develops theability to think critically, logically and analytically thereby preparing thestudents to enhanced career opportunities in Research& Development (R &D), Information technology (IT), Commerce Industries (CI), etc. So, for all thecourses, we have

·        Learning outcomes and objectives of eachcourse defined clearly.

·        Question/Test papers as well as anycomponents related to grading set according to the learning outcomes defined inthe course.

·        Course structure, preparation and deliveryplans created by the concerned faculty members.


Community Services and Outreach

Outreachfor Department of Mathematics and Statistics is an activity that enhances theteaching and learning of Mathematics and Statistics outside the department.  The department also performs the followingoutreach activities to explore the discourses of Mathematics and Statistics inthe following sophisticated ways:

·        Organizing mathematics training programsfor the school and college teachers

·        Organizing training programmes/lectureseries on scientific computing and data analysis for the researchers in fieldof Economics, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology aswell in Commerce, Trades and Industries etc.

Department Profile

Department Info Details

Name of Department Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Head of Department Prof. Vijay Kumar
Address of Department Majithia Bhawan
Contact Number 9415277941
Email ID ddugu.maths.stats@gmail.com
Social Media Page's Links :
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Department-of-Mathematics-and-Statistics-DDU-Gorakhpur-University-102751142401152/?ref=pages_you_manage
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ddumathstat/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYoe7qursu9IwyLDJosYD5A
Twitter https://twitter.com/maths_stats22

Scientific Equipments Details

Scientific Equipment Link No Document


Type Number
Class Rooms - ICT 06
Class Rooms - Non-ICT 04
Seminar Rooms 01
Common Rooms 01
Departmental Libraries 01
Gents Toilets 05
Ladies Toilets 02
Disabled Person Toilets 00
Faculty Rooms 13
Office 01
Reception 01
Waiting Area 01
Lobby NA
Ramp Yes
Disabled Friendly NA
Labs 02

Electrical Appliances

Type Number
Fans 82
LED Lights/Tube lights 10/166
Air Conditioners 15
Coolers 01
Room Heaters 00
Refrigerators 00
Any Other Photo Copy Machine - 01


Type Number
Computers 38
Printers 16
Routers 04
Network Switches 01
Servers 00

Additional Information

5 Years Master Plan https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptPro5plan102514071.docx
Annual Department Plan https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptProadepplan102514071.docx
Teaching Plan https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptProteachplan102530978.docx
Student Attendance Yes

Time Table

UG View Document
PG View Document
Slow Learners View Document
Fast Learners
Room No. with Details https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptPro_room102530978.docx
Co-curricular Activity https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptPro_curricularlink102530978.docx
List of Alumni https://erp.ddugu.ac.in/DeptProFile/DeptProalumni102530978.pdf
Innovation Practices No Document
Stock Register Yes
Internal Evaluation Records Yes
Special Provision made for Advanced & Slow/Fast Learners Yes

Visiting Guest Faculty

No. of Guest Lectures No
List of Guest Faculty No Document
Consultancy Services No Document
Community Extension Programs No Document
Learning Resources Available in the Department https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/e136f6ae-e470-452f-9c9c-500ccf5c0a05.docx
Achievements and Rewards https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/551d4258-a86d-4c36-b80a-bb34ec8d36d9.docx
Academic Audit No Document
List of Fast Learners
List of Slow Learners https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/d4b10e1e-30d1-44ab-8042-eabb7c4b90ba.docx
E-Content https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/83b9e539-25c4-4612-9f9c-27f0ee001242.pdf
Any Other None

Program Details

Number of Programs https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/d674db5b-3536-4b37-9b22-cf9820b882c0.docx
Number of Courses View Document
Papers Taught View Document
Value Added Courses https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/2c41e384-38b3-4fdf-84b1-1f0ae36d26ee.docx
Students enrolled in Each Value-Added Course https://api.ddunaac.com/api/Containers/department/download/5a4b64a2-c2dc-4669-bcd2-f2a4e5bf8ef3.pdf
No. of Publications 160
No. of Books Published 54
No. of Chapters Published 02

Student Information

Type No. of Student
Under Graduate (UG) --
Post Graduate (PG) 1181
Ph.D. Scholars 52
From Within State 1165
From Outside State 16
International slow learners (Only UG): 00
International fast learners (Only UG): 00

Other Information

Strengths Strength of the Department • The classroom teaching method has been considered as one of the most effective ways for teaching various theoretical and practical courses of the curriculum. Some effective methods of learning such as group discussion, seminar presentation and projects are used by the faculty members of the department. • The internal assessment tests have been made a constituent part of each theory paper to assess the knowledge of the students about the subject. They also are trained for assignment writing, presentation and test which enable them to improve their communication skill and report writing ability. • The practical on the theory papers have been made compulsory as a part of the curriculum in order to improve their computing skill using Scientific Softwares. • The students have also been motivated to visit libraries of other academic institutions for consulting subject books and research journals as well as for visiting reputed training centres to gain knowledge about the various applications usage of the subjects. • The department is actively involved in organizing academic programmes in the forms of Conferences, Lecture series, Workshops and Training programs. • The Department has been recognized as “Centre of Excellence” by the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2019. • A numbers of Research projects form UGC, CST, UPHEC, NBHM on the topic of General Relativity, Cosmology and Mathematical Modelling are running in the Department. • Faculty members have credits to publish in the journals of International/nationalrepute.* • The department has successfully implemented updated syllabi of both the subjects in the light of NEP-2020 guidelines as a result of which the students of the department have got jobs and are placed at various posts of state and central government departments. • The department has attracted students from various other States of India and neighbouring countries for completing M.Sc. and Ph.D. Programmes during last decade. • The department is equipped with NBHM funded Library containing 10 thousands books and thousands of journals. • The department is equipped with three Computer Labs with Internet facility. • The department has smart class rooms and 1 seminar hall. • The department is equipped with perpetual version of MATHEMATICA and MATLAB Software.
Weaknesses Weakness of the Department • The department has a smaller number of faculty members as a result of which the department not able to introduce more specialized courses. • The department has inadequate space for the teaching and research activities. • The department is facing problem because of a less number of non-teaching staff.
Opportunities Opportunities • There are excellent job opportunities for students with a degree in Science and Arts stream with the subjects Mathematics &Statistics. Industries and Government agencies are always in search for talented students with expertise knowledge and Mathematical Modelling, Statistical Modelling Cosmology and Machine Learning. • The students with M.Sc. in Statistics can work as a Research Analyst, Associate Analyst/ Business Analyst in various Govt. and Private sectors. • The students with M.Sc. in Mathematics can work as a Academician (Professor), Data Analyst, Scientist in Research institutes like ISRO, DRDO, ARIES, etc and various government and private sectors. • Statisticians work closely with other scientists and researchers to develop new statistical techniques, adapt existing techniques, design experiments, and direct analysis of surveys and retrospective studies. • The students of Mathematical Sciences can be appointed as research scientists in R&D, Banks, Industrial and IT sectors. • The job opportunity in the Indian Statistical Services (ISS) is also one the best opportunities for the students of our department.
Challenges Challenges In the age of digital world, the department has the following challenges: - • To popularize Mathematics and Statistics for a better career for the students of the department. • To introduce Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence related courses. • To provide training to the students for the use of Statistical Softwares for handling Big Data. • To introduce specialized courses to cope with the needs of other scientific courses as well as the needs of society and industries.


Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Dr. Sudhir Kumar SrivastavaProfessor9415303852View
2Prof. Vijai Shanker VermaProfessor9450885902View
3Prof. Vijay KumarProfessor and Head9415277941View
4Dr. Uma SrivastavaProfessor9415339169View
5Dr. Himanshu PandeyProfessor9415282207View
6Dr. Jitendra Kumar KushwahaAsst. Professor7500994085View
7Dr. Vikash RanaAsst. Professor6307972473View
8Dr. Rajesh PandeyAsst. Professor9838756151View
9Dr. Vivek Kumar SharmaAsst. Professor9140385469View
10Dr. Gyanvendra Pratap SinghAsst. Professor9889104272View
11Dr. Julee SrivastavaAsst. Professor9721017372View
12Dr. Archana Singh BhadauriaAsst. Professor8765681069View
13Dr. Rajesh KumarAsst. Professor7985619390View

Courses & Syllabi

 Sr. No. Course Syllabus CBCS
1NEP_M.A.& M.Sc. Mathematics_2022-2023View/DownloadView/Download
2NEP-2020 B.A.& B.Sc. MATHEMATICS 2021_2022View/DownloadView/Download
3NEP-2020 B.A.& B.Sc. MATHEMATICS 2021_2022View/DownloadView/Download
4Mathematics M.Sc_NEP 2020-2021View/DownloadView/Download
5MSc._Statistics on CBCS 2019-2020View/DownloadView/Download
6 M.Sc. Mathematics on CBCS 2019-2020View/DownloadView/Download
7Mathematics Ph_D COURSE WORK 2021-2022View/DownloadView/Download
8Statistics Ph_D COURSE WORK 2021-2022View/DownloadView/Download
10Pre_Ph. D_Statistics_2022-2023View/DownloadView/Download
11Pre_Ph. D. _Mathematics_2022-2023View/DownloadView/Download
12NEP_M.A. & M.Sc._Statistics_2022-2023View/DownloadView/Download
13Statistics - M.SC_NEP 2020-2021View/DownloadView/Download
14M.Sc.Mathematics 2015 -2016View/DownloadView/Download
15B.A.& B.Sc. maths 2009-2010View/Download --
16B.A.& B.Sc. MATHS 2019-2020View/Download --
17B.A.& B.Sc. Statistics 2012-2013View/Download --
18Phd Mathematics_2019-2020View/DownloadView/Download
19Phd Statistics_2019-2020View/DownloadView/Download
20NEP-2020 UG Minor Elective maths and statisticsView/DownloadView/Download

Research & Publications

Research Projects (Last 5 Years)

Project Title
Funding Agency
State/Central Govt.
UGC Start-Up GrantDr. Archana Singh BhadauriaUGCMathematics & StatisticsGovernment 1020192 Years
COE SchemeProf. S.K. SrivastavaU.P. Govt.Mathematics & StatisticsGovernment 720192 Years
UGC Start-Up GrantDr. Rajesh KumarUGCMathematics & StatisticsGovernment 1020182 Years
Certain Investigationsin Finsler GeometrtyProf. H.S. ShuklaUGCMathematics & StatisticsGovernment 10.9520143 Years

Research Papers

Retired Faculties

Sr. No.
Teacher Name
Mobile No.
1Prof. H.S. ShuklaView
2Prof. J.K. SrivastavaView
3Prof. J.P. VishwakarmaView
4Prof. R.C. SrivastavaView
5Prof. R.S. SrivastavaView
6Prof. T.N. PandeyView
7Prof. Dhruv NarainView
8Prof. Ashfaq Ahmad Ansari8930002812View
9Prof. Jogvind Kumar Srivastava8930002813View

Time Table

 Sr. No.  Semester Under Graduate Post Graduate Other
1I SemesterView/DownloadView/Download
2III SemesterView/DownloadView/Download