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After ten years of independence the DeenDayal Upadhyaya GorakhpurUniversity came into existence in the year 1957 in the erstwhile nomenclatureGorakhpur University in the historic city of Gorakhpur, the capital of Nathsect of thought. The department of Urdu was opened the very next year in 1958 withthe engagement of famous Urdu Critic and poet Majnoon Gorakhpuri. Majnoon Gorakhpuri used tobe the faculty of Urdu and English literature in the local St. Andrew’s P GCollege. He was invited to work as guest faculty in the department. ThereafterDr. Mahmood Ilahi was appointed as permanent faculty the same year and thedepartment of Urdu began to function smoothly since then. The next year in 1959Dr. Abdus Salam (i.e. Salam Sandilvi) was also appointed faculty in temporarycapacity.

The first batch of Bachelor’s class with Urdu subject passed out in1960. The same year master’s class also started and the first master’s batchpassed out in 1962. Mr. Fazl-ul Haque who had turned up as master from AligarhMuslim University was enrolled as Ph.D. scholar in 1959 and was awarded thedegree in 1962. Dr. Haque used to deliver lectures regularly in the departmenttill 1964. Dr. Nasir Husain was appointed as Research Assistant in 1960 and wasassociated with the department till 1964.

In 1964 the department witnessed major developments—Dr. MahmoodIlahi was promoted as Reader, Dr. Salam Sandilvi was regularized as PermanentLecturer and Dr. Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad was appointed as Temporary Lecturer inthe department. Dr. Ahmad was later regularized in 1967 but he left theUniversity the next year to begin his career as Lecturer in Lucknow University.Dr. Nurul Ain Lari (alias Ahmar Lari) replaced him in the department. In 1972Dr. Ilahi was promoted as Professor in the department. He was the firstProfessor and Head of the department. Dr. Salam Sandilvi became the Reader in1978 and retired from service the next year. In February 1980 Dr. Ahmar Lariwas promoted as Reader and Dr.Mohammad Akhtar Ali Siddiqui (alias AkhtarBastavi) was appointed as Lecturer. Dr. Afghanullah Khan joined the departmentas Lecturer in November 1980. Prof. Ilahi retired in June 1991 and Dr. Laritook over from him in the department. Dr. Lari also became Professor sinceFebruary 1990 under personal promotion scheme.

After the retirement of Prof. Lari in 1993 Dr. Akhtar Bastavi tookover as Head of the department in July 1993. Dr. Bastavi and Dr. AfghanullahKhan also became Readers in1993.Afterthesuddendemise of Dr. Bastavi on June 10,1998 Dr. Afghanullah Khan assumed the office of Head of the department on June11. Dr. Khan also was promoted as Professor since August 19, 2001.

Dr. MohammadRaziur Rahman joined the department as Reader on September 13, 2001 and waspromoted as Professor on July 02, 2018. Since then, Prof. Rahman is functioningas Professor and Head of the department. Two other members e.g. Dr. MahboobHasan and Dr. Sajid Husain Ansari also joined the department as AssistantProfessors on the same day.


Important Areas of Research

·       Theeminent writers and their contribution have been the focus of research.

·       Thesocial and cultural aspects of the areas, reflected in the works of the writersconcerned, have been specifically covered.

·       Theliterary pieces which contributed in the empowerment of women, child, down-troddenand other backward segments of society were taken with special considerationfor research.


Achievement of the Department

·       A journal Afkaar-e-nav was introduced in 1960 which was continuedtill 1969. A special Ghalib number published in 1969.

·       In the Ghalib centenary year in 1969 a seminar was organized whichwitnessed the participation of several eminent scholars and academicians. Theresearch papers presented in the said seminar were published in the volumeGhalib—Fikr-o-Fan

·       A seminar on FiraqGorakhpuri was organized in the department in1972 to celebrate the Gyanpeeth Award to the world-famous writer.

·       Almost every year particularly on the convocation time the literarysymposia and poets’ meets are organized.

·       The teachers of the department Prof. Mahmood Ilahi remained theChairman for three continuous tenures while Prof. Ahmar Lari and Dr. AkhtarBastavi were the members of the executive committee of Uttar Pradesh UrduAcademy. Prof. Afghanullah Khan is the member of the executive committee of thesaid organization these days.

·       Prof.Mahmood Ilahi, Dr. Salam Sandalvi, Prof. Ahmar Lari, Dr. Akhtar Bastavi, andProf. Afghanullah Khan received honours from All India Meer Academy, Lucknowand Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, Lucknow. Prof. Afhghanullah Khan also receivedFiraq Award from International Urdu Conference, New Delhi and Department ofInformation and Public Relations, Govt. of Uttara Pradesh


Future Vision

·       Establishmentof Firaq Chair

·       Diplomain Mass Media

·       Diplomain Script writing in theatre

·       Diplomain Lyricist career in Hindi cinema

·       Collectionof study materials on freedom struggle in Poorvanchal region

·       Collectionof study materials on the problems of women and backward communities in Muslimsociety

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Name of Department Department of Urdu
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Address of Department DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur
Contact Number 7310138469
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