About Central Zone Delegacy

In accordance with the provision of Section (19) of the Universities Act and according to Act (8), Central Zone Delegacy was established in July 1958, in which rights and duties under the Act were vested at various levels. Delegacy is the medium for physical, mental and cultural development of students studying in the university who do not live in university hostels. Central Zone Delegacy is a powerful means of improving the hidden talents of students and exposing it at university level.
At present the Vice Chancellor of the University is the chairman of the Central Zone Delegacy and Dr. Dr. Meetu Singh is the Vice-chairman. There are secretaries, treasurers and women in-charge who play a vital role in various events from time to time.
Numerous events like debate, speech, essay, poetry and story, writing, general knowledge competition, poster and spot painting competitions are frequently organized by Central Zone Delegacy. In addition to these events, various indoor games like carrom, chess, table tennis, badminton competitions are also held for an all-round development of students. In the session 2018-2019, around 1000 students participated in various competitions organized by Central Zone Delegacy in which 80 participants were awarded for first, second and third prizes.