About Lab

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, has a well-thought-out and well-equipped business lab that facilitates students to conduct mock sessions, group discussions, and other commerce and management-related activities to provide a Launchpad to meet the challenges in the evolving and highly competitive business world globally. Business-oriented problems, business quizzes, online projects, and mad-e-Aid-like activities are organized in the business lab. There are generally modelling and simulation and system dynamics-related problems solved using software like R, Python Smart PLS and Vensim PLE.

Our state-of-the-art business lab follows a pedagogy blend of both theories and practices.

Students can evaluate current market prices to obtain a sense of the theoretical ideas they learn using wifi and a laptop to gain real-time experiences, explanations, and interpretations of live trading of security market swings. Simulations and modern-day case study studies are essential for aspiring entrepreneurs or potential employees.

For problem-solving and effective decision-making, our PG and PhD students in Business Administration commonly employ software and other technology-led tools accessible in our cuttingedge labs. As the name implies, this laboratory provides research facilities in online business, marketing, management, and governance. This laboratory researches all activities, including marketing research, data driven marketing, data driven decision making, IT-enabled marketing, supply chain management (SCM), logistics, business process integration, and customer relationship management (CRM). Other areas of the study conducted by this laboratory include enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM), and e-Governance.