Diploma Programmes

S. No.-- Diploma Courses --
1 Diploma in Photography
2 Diploma in School Leadership & Management
3 Diploma in Vedic Mathematics
4 Diploma in Painting & Photography
5 Diploma in Fashion accessories and Craft Designing

P.G. Diploma Programmes

S. No.-- PG Diploma Courses --
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster and National Security Management
2 P.G. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
3 P.G. Diploma in Small and Family Business Management
4 P.G. Diploma in Management of FPOs and NGOs
5 P.G. Diploma in Hydroponic Technology
6 P.G. Diploma in Urdu Mass Media and Translation
7 P.G. Diploma in Political Leadership
8 P.G. Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations
9 P.G. Diploma in Film Production
10 P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Management
11 P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
12 P.G. Diploma in Archeology and Museology
13 P.G. Diploma in Social Work
14 P.G. Diploma in Environmental Management
15 P.G. Diploma in Remote Sensing Geographic Information System
16 P.G. Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Advance Diploma Programmes

S. No.-- Advance Diploma Courses --
1 Advance Diploma in Fashion accessories and Craft Designing

Certificate Programmes

S. No.-- Certificate Courses --
1 Short term course in Drudgery and IT Skills for Women
2 Certificate Course in Hospital Administration
3 Certificate Course in Election Strategies
4 Certificate Course in Graphic Design
5 Certificate Course in Illustration
6 Certificate Course in Photography
7 Certificate Course in Environmental Management
8 Certificate Course in Hospitality & Tourism Management