Project/ Endowments, Chairs
Principal Investigator/Co Investigator
Department of Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator
Funding Agency
Government/Non Government
Year of Award
Funds (INR in Lakhs)
1DST Women Scientist: Study of Biological Tools for Ecomanagement of Root Rot of Mung bean(Vigna Radiata) and Identification of the Bioactive Compounds Dr. Sumati Chaudhary / Prof. Anil Dwivedi (mentor)BotanyDSTGovernment 20116.32011-14
2Synthesis, X-ray Crystallographic and computational studies on some pyrazelo[3, 4-d] pyrimidinesProf. Umesh YadavaPhysicsDSTGovernment 20114.272011-14
3DST Women Scientist: Nutraceutical and Cultural characterization of eurayale ferox salishDr. Nidhi Gupta / Prof. V.N. Pandey (mentor)BotanyDSTGovernment 2012142012-15
4Metallocene of Hemi-Metall containing Conjugated PlymersProf. S.K. Sen GuptaChemistryDRDOGovernment 201211.442012-15
5Theoretical Investigation on B containing N- Heterocycles as high energy materialsProf. Hari Ji SinghChemistryDRDOGovernment 201215.722012-15
6Effects of substituents over components of binary liquid mixtures on weak molecular interactionProf. S.S. Yadav (Retd.)ChemistryUGCGovernment 20124.042012-15
7Studies on yellow laccases of daedalea flavida MTCC-145 and abortipourus biennis MTCC-1176Prof. Sudha YadavChemistryUPCSTGovernment 20125.122012-15
8Lora=rk iwoZ ,oa Lokra=ksRrj Hkkjrh; fQYe laxhr esa ok|ksa dk iz;ksx rFkk mudk lekt ij izHkko ,d leh{kkRed v/;;uProf. Usha Singh Fine Art And Music UGC Government 20124.372012-2014
9DST Women Scientist: Genome wide identification Molecular cloning and in silico characterization of DOF (DNA bindinf with one finger) transcription factor genes of Pigeon PeaDr. Neha Malviya / Prof. Dinesh Yadav (mentor)BiotechnologyDSTGovernment 2013262013-16
10Animal and Forn Waste Management through Mechnical Cow Composting MachineDr. Keshav SinghZoologyUGCGovernment 201310.362013-15
11Integrated Land and water management with special reference to Rapti BasinProf. K. N. SinghGeographyUGCGovernment 201312.142013-15
12Nutraceutical potential and Therapeutic protein concentrates (TPC) some ethanobotanicals Nuts PseudonutsProf. V.N. PandeyBotanyUGCGovernment 201311.452013-15
13Genotoxicity and metabolic anamolies induced by water pollutants in freshwater fishesProf. Ajay SinghZoologyUGCGovernment 201313.492013-16
14Recent Advances on Energetic MaterialsProf. Gurdeep SinghChemistryDST-SERB Government 20139.662013-16
15Solute rejection and transmission in composite membranes and to explore the possibility of bipolar membrane formationProf. A.K. TiwariChemistryUGCGovernment 20139.062013-16
16DST Women Scientist: Studies on Mn-peroxidase from plant resourcesDr. Meera Yadav / Prof. Sudha Yadav (mentor)ChemistryDSTGovernment 201320.62013-17
17Effect of some heavy metals on the reproduction on some enzyme system of Zebra fish Donio rerioProf. B.A. AnsariZoologyUPCSTGovernment 201310.952013-16
18ARFI (Aerosol Radiative Forcing Over India) Project-I-GBPProf. Shantanu RastogiPhysicsISROGovernment 2014462014-22
19Genome wide characterization of DNA binding with One finger(DOF) transcription factor gene family of chickpea for identifying genomic resources for developing biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.Prof. Dinesh YadavBiotechnology UPCARGovernment 201415.182014-17
20D.S. Kothari PDF: Mining of soil metagenome for cloning, expression and characterization of novel pectin lyase genesDr. AimanTanveer / Prof. Dinesh Yadav (Mentor)Biotechnology UGCGovernment 201419.532014-17
21Understanding Child Abuse in School Setting; Psycho-Social perspectivesProf. Sushma Pandey PsychologyICSSRGovernment 2014122014-16
22Enhancing institutional and counselling capacities of counsellor training institutes Prof. P.S.N TiwariPsychologyGFATM (Round-7)Non- Government 201425.472008-2015
23Wetland Management of Gorakh[ur District through special technologiesProf. Nutan TyagiGeographyUGCGovernment 201513.32015-18
24DST INSPIRE Fellowship Award:Ph.D program under the AORC scheme of the INSPIRE ProgramKavita Singh / Prof. Vinay Kumar Singh (Ph.D. supervisor)ZoologyDSTGovernment 20159.872014-17
25Eu(III) and Tb(III) complexes with CalixarenesProf. O.P. PandeyChemistryUGCGovernment 20159.592015-18
26Effect of some heavy metals on the reproduction on some enzyme system of Zebra fish Donio rerioProf. B.A. AnsariZoologyUPCSTGovernment 201592015-18
27Certain Investigationsin Finsler GeometrtyProf. H.S. ShuklaMathematics & StatisticsUGCGovernment 201510.72015-18
28"A Study of Effects of TRIPS Agreements on Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industries"-MRPProf. Karunakar Ram TripathiEconomicsUGCGovernment 20156.72015-18
29Examining MGNREGs: implementation issues women participation on and Impact on Rural Empoyment and MigrationProf. Sanjay BaijalCommerceUGCGovernment 201511.692015-19
30Studies on the----- Orange pe Prof. Ajai Kumar SrivastavZoologyUGC Government 201514.972015-18
31DST INSPIRE Fellowship Award (Ph.D program under the AORC scheme of the INSPIRE Program)Ms. Neha Tiwari / Prof. V.N. Pandey (Ph.D. supervisor)BotanyDSTGovernment 201511.42015-18
32ISRO Study on Pssible remote Sensing of Methane on Mars using Data products of Methane sensor for Mars (MSM)Prof. Shantanu RastogiPhysicsISROGovernment 201621.842016-19
33Potential of Indigenous Fungi belonging to the genera Aspergillus for the Stereo Selective Transformations of Alkyl Benzenes to produce Chiral 1 phenyl alkanolsProf. Sudha YadavChemistryCSIRGovernment 20168.852016-19
34NPDF: Some new consequences in Gravitational CollapseDr. Rajesh Kumar/Prof. S.K. Srivastava (mentor)Mathematics & StatisticsNBHM-DAEGovernment 201752017-19
35Motivation and Innovative programs for Science Students of Gorakhpur, Maharajganj, Khalilabad, Basti and Sidhartha NagarProf. V.N. PandeyBotanyDSTGovernment 201834.022018-20
36Assessment of the distribution and status of Ferns of Darjeeling (West Bengal)Dr. Shobhit Kumar Srivastava / Prof. JAVP Rao (mentor)Bio- TechnologyDST SERBGovernment 201819.22018-21
37 INSPIRE Faculty Award (Surface Confined redox active Dinuclear metal polypyridyl complexes for Multi state near Infrared electrchromism and Photocatalytic activities)Dr. Alok Kumar SinghChemistryDSTGovernment 201872018-23
38DST INSPIRE Faculty award: Dynamic peptide librraries for discovery of nano material binding ligandDr. Bimlendu AdhikariChemistryDSTGovernment 2018102018-23
39DST INSPIRE Faculty Award: Nano-SQUID magnometry for Biomedical applicationsDr. Nikhil KumarPhysicsDSTGovernment 201872018-23
40Cultural Nationalism: Indian National Identity in the context of Traditional Belief System in Northern IndiaDr. Manoj Kumar TiwariHistoryICHRGovernment 201842018-20
41Demographic and Development Planning in the Indo Nepal Border in the Districts of Uttar PradeshDr. N.K. RanaGeographyICSSRGovernment 201882018-21
42D.S Kothari fellowship: Genome wide Identification Molecular cloning and Expression profiling of nuclear factor-(NF-Y) Transcription factor of Chick peaDr. Mohd. Shahab /Prof. Dinesh Yadav (mentor)Biotechnology UGCGovernment 20186.022018-21
43Centre of Excellence (COE)Prof. S.K. SrivastavaMathematics & StatisticsUP Higher EducationGovernment 201872018-19
44Centre of Excellence (COE)Prof. O.P. PandeyChemistryUP Higher EducationGovernment 2018152018-19
45Studying the dynamics of Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and its elimination through mathematical Modelling Approach)Dr. Archana Singh BhadauriaMathematics & StatisticsUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
46Superatoms as Building Blocks of Novel Materials for Various Applications: A Computational ApproachDr. Ambrish Kumar SrivastavaPhysicsUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
47Multiwavelength excitable luminescent ink and its detection device for security applicationDr. Kusum Rawat (Co Investigator )ElectronicsMHRD-NPIUGovernment 201913.622019-20
48Start-Up Grant: Studies of Self gravitating system and the space time singularities.Dr. Rajesh KumarMathematics & StatisticsUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
49Start-Up Grant:Identification, Epidemiology and Management of Brinjal little leaf disease in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, IndiaDr. Smriti MallBotanyUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
50Start-Up Grant: Computational perspectives on atmoshpheric oxidation of hydrofluoro-olefinsDr. Pradeep Kumar RaoChemistryUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
51Start-Up Grant: Oxidative stress and genotoxicity Biomarkers responses in special references to aquatic organismDr. Ram Pratap YadavZoologyUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
52Start-Up Grant: Ion beam induced formation of nanoparticle -Film with Gap (NFG) system for ultra sensitive surface enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)Dr. Udai Bhan SinghPhysicsUGCGovernment 2019102019-21
53Start-Up Grant: Study of Thermal Stability of AZO thin film for perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell applicationDr. Vineet Kumar SinghPhysicsUGCGovernment 2019102019-21