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Ph.D. awarded during 2014 - 2019

SNo Name of Ph.D. Scholar Name of Departments Name of Guide Title of thesis Year of Registration Year of Award
1Km. Priyanka SinghBotanyProf. Malvika SrivastavaEffect of metal stress of morpho-physiological and Biochemical constituents of Trigonella foenum graecum (L.)2010 2014
2Kavita AroraBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaProcessing effects on nutritive value of commercially grown edible mushrooms in India.2008 2014
3Vandana ChauhanBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyA Perspective Studies of Moringa oleifera Lam.2011 2014
4Niharika PandeyBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical potential and agro techniques of Flacourtia jangomes Raeusch.2009 2014
5Richa TiwariBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaCharacterization of phytoplasma associated with dicot vegetable plants in eastern Uttar Pradesh.2011 2015
6Pushpendra K Mishra BotanyProf. R.P. ShuklaAssessment of water pollution level and its effect on plant diversity of two major lakes of Gorakhpur.2007 2015
7Sristi SrivastavaBotanyProf. Malvika SrivastavaPhysiological and biochemical studies of Cassia Sp. A medicinal legume under water stress.2010 2015
8Km. SunitaBotanyProf. Malvika SrivastavaNitrogen fixation enzyme activity and phytochemical analysis of medicinal legume Melilotus indica and Tephrosia purpurea under salinity.2010 2015
9Rakesh PandeyBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical Potential of Therapeutic Protein Concentrate of Some Leguminous Seeds.2008 2015
10Alka GuptaBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical Potential of some Edible Aquatic Plants of North Eastern Terai Region of U. P.2010 2015
11Madhvi Tiwari BotanyProf. A.K. DwivediGrowth Behaviour and Nutrient Value of Solanaceous Vegetables Irrigated by Waste Water2010 2015
12Namita SinghBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaIdentification and characterization of phytoplasma associated with weeds.2010 2015
13Savita ChaubeyBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaIdentification and characterization of phytoplasma occurring on medicinal plants.2011 2016
14Kavita ShuklaBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaIdentification and characterization of phytoplasma associated with ornamentals.2011 2016
15Ashish DwivediBotanyProf. R.P. ShuklaHerbaceous climbers of North Eastern UP, current status and changes in abundance and distribution.2011 2016
16Sumit SrivastavaBotanyProf. R.P. ShuklaErect and creeping herbs of North Eastern UP current status and changing pattern of their abundance and distribution.2011 2016
17Pratima VishwakarmaBotanyProf. N.N. TripathiStudies on macrofungi of Gorakhpur district with special reference to antidiabetic activity and nutritional value of some edible mushrooms.2011 2016
18Shilpi SrivastavaBotanyProf. Malvika SrivastavaEffect of water stress on morphophysiological and biochemical aspects of Stevia reboudiana.2011 2016
19Sneha ChaudharyBotanyProf. Malvika SrivastavaStudies on morphophysiological parameters and yield attributes of Eleusine corcana under salt stress.2011 2016
20Anil KumarBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical Potential and Therapeutic Protein Concentrates of Nuts and Pseudonuts.2011 2016
21Jayendra nath SinghBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical potential of some Ethnomedicinal plants of Gorakhpur region.2011 2016
22Nivedita SonkerBotanyProf. Pooja SinghMarket diseases of grapes and their management by botanicals-2010 2016
23Ruby SinghBotanyProf. A.K. DwivediStudy of Aquatic Angiosperms in Abatement of Pollution using Malacofauna as Indicator2011 2016
24Pratap Narain SinghBotanyProf. A.K. DwivediPhytosociology and Annual Dynamics of the Angiospermic Flora in Wetlands of Gorakhpur2011 2016
25Deepak kumar GondBotanyProf. S.C. TripathiBiodiversity of wetlands in Gorakhpur and adjacent districts.2010 2017
26Mithilesh Kumar AryaBotanyProf. S.C. TripathiStudies on cellulolytic fungi causing biodeterioration of paper and clothes and their control by using herbal volatile plant products.2011 2017
27Shashi Lata SinghBotanyProf. Malvika srivastavaStudies on growth productivity and physiological aspects of Sesamum indicum (L.) in response to plant nutrient supply under NaCl stress2011 2017
28Upma SrivastavaBotanyProf. Pooja SinghEvaluation of some botanicals against some human pathogenic bacteria with special reference to their antioxidant properties2011 2017
29Shailja PandeyBotanyProf. Pooja SinghStudies on bio deterioration of some dry fruit commodities and its preservation by plant products2011 2017
30Akhilesh kumar GuptaBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaEvaluation of some plants for their toxicity against wilt disease of Cajanus cajan.2013 2018
31Vaibhav Sharan PandeyBotanyProf. P.P. UpadhyayaSystematic and diversity of legumes of Uttar Pradesh.2014 2018
32Satish Kumar RaiBotanyProf. R.P. ShuklaFunctional diversity and growth features of understory plants within Sal forest of North Eastern Uttar Pradesh.2014 2018
33Priyanka MishraBotanyProf. N.N. TripathiStudies on wilt causing fungi of Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato) and their management by botanicals.2011 2018
34Ravindra PalBotanyProf. N.N. TripathiStudies on morphological and molecular characterization of some dominant edible macrofungal species of Gorakhpur District.2014 2018
35Richa SrivastavaBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical potential and agro techniques of Xeromphis uliginosa Maheshwari2010 2018
36Vineeta SinghBotanyProf. V.N. PandeyNutraceutical potential and agro techniques of Mimusops elengi Linn.2014 2018
37Dipendra kumarBotanyProf. A.K. DwivediMurophyte- Diversity and Management2011 2018
38Aradhana PalBotanyProf. Pooja SinghPost Harvest Mamagement of Banana by Plant Volatiles2015 2018
39Quirratul AinChemistryProf. S.K. SenguptaStudies on neodymium(III) and samarium(III) complexes with acyclic and macrocyclic ligands2011 2015
40Manoj SahaniChemistryProf. S.K. SenguptaStudies on some organic derivatives of oxo-vanadium(IV)2011 2014
41Akeel AhmadChemistryProf. O.P. PandeyStudies on heterocyclicization via Michael addition reaction (synthesis and biological activity) 2009 2014
42Shipra VermaChemistryProf. O.P. PandeyStudies on some biological active chalcones2013 2018
43Anamika PandeyChemistryProf. O.P. PandeyCharacterization of nanomembranes matrix for the development of biosensor2014 2018
44Pankaj Kumar ChaurasiaChemistryProf. Sudha YadavStudies of few fungal laccases and their roles in transformation of organic compounds2010 2014
45Shikha VishwakarmaChemistryProf. Afshan SiddiquiStudies on sol-gel behavior of the complexes of As and Sb with N, O, and S donor ligands2011 2016
46Praveen Kumar MishraChemistryProf. U.N. TripathiSynthesis, Characterization and Application of Nanosulphides/oxides of Zn, Cd and Hg via sol-gel process2010 2015
47Renu SonkarChemistryProf. A.K. TiwariTransport Properties and Solute Rejection of Membranes in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions: A Performance Predictive Study.2011 2017
48Shayan TanveerChemistryProf. A.K. TiwariStudies on Electrochemical Characterization of surfactant Modified Ion- Selective Membranes in Aqueous Solutions of Multivalent Electrolytes.2011 2016
49Iffat AminChemistryProf. Afshan SiddiquiComplexes of nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur donor ligands with early lanthanide elements : as possible precurssor for active materials2013 2019
50Abhishek K TripathiChemistryProf. U.N. Tripathistuies on thorium(IV) complexes containing sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands : as possible precurssor for luminescent materials2014 2019
51Kanchan YadavChemistryProf. S.S. Yadavstudies on molecular intraction between dichloroalkanes and some hydrocarbon solvents2014 2019
52Anupama ChemistryProf. S.K. Senguptasynthesis spectroscopic characterization and antimicrobial activities of organotitanium(IV) complexes2013 2019
53Preeti DubeyChemistryProf. Sudha Yadavstudies on some manganese(III) chelate comlexes2014 2019
54Niharika AnandChemistryProf. Sudha Yadavstudies on some manganese(III) porphyrins with catalytic applications 2014 2019
55Deepika JaiswalChemistryProf. Sudha Yadavstudies on some mixed ligand comlexes of manganese(III) 2014 2019
56ManishaChemistryProf. Sudha Yadavstudies on yellow laccases of Daedalea of lavida MTCC-145 and abortiporus bimis MTCC-11762014 2019
57Rakesh Kumar DwivediDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. A.P. ShuklaladVxzLr vkQxkfuLrku rFkk Hkkjr vkQxkfuLrku lg;ksx2011 2018
58Vijay KumarDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. Hari Sharan“khr ;qq)ksRrj dky es Hkkjr btjk;y lEca/k% ,d fOk”ys’.kkRed v/;;u2011 2018
59Aarti Yadav Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. S.C. PandeyHkkjr esa vkradoknh ifjos”k esa L=h ,oa cky vf/kdkjksa dk guu rFkk bldk jk’Vªªh; lqj{kk ij izHkko2008 2015
60Rama Tripathi Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. S.C. PandeyLkbcj vkradokn ,oa Hkkjrh; lqj{kk ij blds izHkko2010 2016
61Devendra KumarDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. S.C. PandeyHkkjr dh “kkafr ,oa lqj{kk dks iM+kslh jk’Vªª ckaXykns”k dh pqukSrh % ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2016
62Sanjay Kumar SharmaDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. H.K. SinhaHkkjr esa uDlyokn ,oa ekuokf/kdkj dh pqukSfr;kW % ,d vkykspukRed fo”ys’k.k2011 2019
63Ram Kumar Yadav Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. H.K. SinhaHkkjr esa lkbcj lqj{kk dh pqukSfr;k ,oa fodYi % ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2017
64Meena YadavDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. P.K. Yadavnf{k.k ,f”k;k esa ukfHkdh; vkradokn dh lEHkkouk;as&,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2019
65Satendra Kumar Yadav Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. P.K. Yadavvkradokn o ekuokf/kdkj % Hkkjr ds fo”ks’k lUnHkZ esa ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2019
66Indrajeet KumarDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. P.K. YadavHkkjrh; lqj{kk fpUru esa ckaXykns”k dk jktuhfrd egRo % ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;2011 2019
67Jitendra Kumar Yadav Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. P.K. Yadavnf{k.k ,f”k;k esa ukfHkdh; gfFk;kjks dk izlkj % pqukSfr;kWa ,oa fodYi2013 2019
68Penne Lal Bharti Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. V.K. Singhnf{k.k ,f”k;k esa ukfHkdh; vkradokn dh lEHkkouk;as&,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2010 2017
69Nisha SinghDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. V.K. SinghHkkjr sea uDlyokn fojks/kh lafØ;k;as ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2017
70Smita singhDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. V.K. SinghukfHkdh; ikfdLrku ,oa Hkkjrh; lqj{kk ifjn`”; ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2017
71Abhishek SinghDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. V.K. SinghHkkjr&ikd ds ukfHkdh; fl)kUrksa dk rqyukRed v/;;u2011 2016
72Krishna Narayan SinghDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. V.K. Singhnf{k.k ,f”k;k esa “kfUr ,oa LFkkf;Ro dh pqukSfr;kW ,oa lEHkkouk,W % n{ksl ds fo”ks’k lUnHkZ esaA2011 2017
73Jyotendra TiwariDefence & Strategic StudiesProf. S.N.M. Tripathinf{k.k ,f”k;k esa y/kq”kL=ksa ,oa gYds gfFk;kjksa dk izlkj rFkk Hkkjr dh vkrafjd lqj{kk ij bldk izHkko 2007 2017
74Sunil Kumar Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. S.N.M. TripathiuDlyokn dh pqukSrh ls fuiVus esa lqj{kk cyksa dh Hkwfedk % Hkkjr dh vkUrfjd lqj{kk ds fo”ks’k lUnHkZ eas ,d fo”ys’k.kkRd v/;;u2011 2018
75Divya Defence & Strategic StudiesProf. S.N.M. TripathiorZeku usiky vkSj Hkkjr dh c<+rh lqj{kk pqukSfr;kW % ,d fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u2011 2019
76Prabhat Narayan SinghMathematics & StatisticsProf. Dhruwa NarayanA Study of Sub Manifolds of Semi-Riemannian Manifold2010 2014
77Manish Nath TripathiMathematics & StatisticsProf. T.N. PandeyModels of Finsler and Lagrange 2010 2014
78Rajesh KumarMathematics & StatisticsProf. S.K. SrivastavaProperties of curvature Tensors and their Applications in Cosmology2010 2014
79Shivesh Mani TripatheeMathematics & StatisticsProf. V.S. VermaMucus transport in the Human Lung2010 2014
80Kripa Sindhu PrasadMathematics & StatisticsProf. S.K. SrivastavaA study of Certain Structures in a Differentiable manifold and their Application2010 2014
81Ajay Kumar MishraMathematics & StatisticsProf. H.S. ShuklaInvestigations of Finsler Models and their Applications2011 2015
82Ankita RaiMathematics & StatisticsProf. Dhruwa NarainA study of Contact Metric Manifolds2012 2015
83Pradeep KumarMathematics & StatisticsProf. T.N. PandeyDifferential Geometry of the special and Generalized Finslerian Metric Tensor2011 2015
84Sunil Kumar YadavMathematics & StatisticsProf. H.S. ShuklaEffect of trade credits of the Inventory System with and without Deterioration Rate2011 2015
85Khushbu SrivastavaMathematics & StatisticsProf. Dhruwa NarainA study of Para-contact Metric Manifolds2011 2015
86Vikash Rana Mathematics & StatisticsProf. V.S. VermaMucus Transport in Healthy and Unhealthy Human Lungs2011 2016
87Viveka Nand YadavMathematics & StatisticsProf. Dhruwa NarainA Study of the Hypersurfaces of Paracontact Metric Manifolds2011 2016
88Asmita MishraMathematics & StatisticsProf. T.N. PandeyInvestigations on Finsler space with some special Metric2014 2016
89Kumar VineetMathematics & StatisticsProf. T.N. PandeySome Investigations on Differential Geometry of Finsler Models2014 2016
90Gyanvendra Pratap SinghMathematics & StatisticsProf. S.K. SrivastavaStudy of Differential Geometric Structures on Manifolds2011 2017
91Mohammad TamsirMathematics & StatisticsProf. H.S. ShuklaNumerical Treatment of some Physical Problem Governed by Partial Differential Equation2014 2017
92Neha SangMathematics & StatisticsProf. H.S. ShuklaOptimal Replenishment Policies for Decaying Itoms with and without Shortages under Permissible Delay in Payments2013 2017
93Pradeep Kumar SinghMathematics & StatisticsProf. J.K. SrivastavA study of Topological Linear Structure and operator Duals of Certain Vector Valued Sequence Spaces 2013 2018
94Prem Sagar BhandariMathematics & StatisticsProf. V.S. Verma & Prof. Uma SrivastavaA study of Mathematical Models for Air Pollutions2014 2013
95Shadab Ahmad KhanMathematics & StatisticsProf. A.A. AnsariA study of Sequence Space their Duals and their Properties2013 2018
96Seraj Ahemed KhanMathematics & StatisticsProf. A.A. AnsariA Contribution to the study of duality theory in sequence space2011 2018
97Mohammad Asif SiddiqueMathematics & StatisticsProf. H.S. ShuklaEffect of Inflation in Economic Order Quantity Model With and Without Shortage under Permissible Delay in Payment2013 2018
98Nurul Azeez KhanMathematics & StatisticsProf. V.S. Verma & Prof. Vijay KumarInventory Models for Different Demand Rates with and Without Shortages2014 2018
99Rajesh Kumar GuptaMathematics & StatisticsProf. T.N. PandeyA Study on Differential Geometry of Special Finsler Spaces and their Subspaces2013 2019
100Neelam MishraMathematics & StatisticsProf. H.S. ShuklaSome Investigations on Finsler Models2014 2019
101Prem Lata Mathematics & StatisticsProf. J.P. VishwakarmaA Study of Shock Wave Propagation in Ideal and Non-Ideal Gases2011 2019
102Tanka Raj AdhikariMathematics & StatisticsProf. R.S. SrivastavaSome Survival Models and Data Analysis2011 2015
103Kusum Lata SinghMathematics & StatisticsProf. R.S. SrivastavaSome Statistical Inferences in life Testing Survival Models & Data Analysis2009 2016
104Pawan Kumar SrivastavaMathematics & StatisticsProf. R.S. SrivastavaStatistical Inferences for Some Stochastic Models2010 2016
105Gaurav Kumar PandeyMathematics & StatisticsProf. Uma SrivastavaBayesian Analysis of Simple and Regressive2006 2016
106Parul YadavMathematics & StatisticsProf. Uma SrivastavaSome Efficient Estimation Procedures Arising in Statistical Models2007 2016
107Vivek Kumar ShuklaMathematics & StatisticsProf. Himanshu PandeyA study of Some Probability Models for Demographic Events2010 2017
108Harish Kumar Mathematics & StatisticsProf. Uma SrivastavaSome Bayesian Inferential Techniques in Statistical Modelling and its Data Analysis2010 2017
109Amit PandeyMathematics & StatisticsProf. Vijay KumarBayesian Estimation Procedures for Actuarial Loss Models2010 2018
110Ramesh Kumar JoshiMathematics & StatisticsProf. Vijay KumarThe Analysis of Some Statistical Models2014 2018
111Reena SrivastavaMathematics & StatisticsProf. J.P. VishwakarmaA study of Shock Wave Propagation in Dust-Free and Dusty Gases2011 2019
112Karunesh Kumar DwivediPhysicsDr. Sugriva Nath TiwariStudies in Some Aspects of Macromolecular Interactions2007 2014
113Dipendra SharmaPhysicsDr. Sugriva Nath TiwariStudies of Molecular Structure and Interactions in Liquid Crystals2013 2017
114Prabhunath PrasadPhysicsDr. Shantanu RastogiStudy of Aromatic molecules of astrophysical and environmental importance2007 2014
115Mrs. Anju MauryaPhysicsDr. Shantanu RastogiCorrelation study of late type stars and polyaromatic molecules2008 2015
116Ritesh VermaPhysicsDr. Lallan YadavSome studied based on MOS/thick film gas sensor for detection and discrimination of gases and organic vapors2007 2014
117Gyanehwar Kumar GuptaPhysicsDr. Ravi S. SinghA study of Generation, Analysis and some Applications of Quantum characteristics of Light2007 2014
118Bindesh Kumar ShuklaPhysicsDr. Umesh YadavaModeling studies on some molecules of biological significance2011 2016
119Hari Om Gupta PhysicsDr. Umesh YadavaComputational studies on the structure and dynamics of some bioactive molecules2010 2017
120Mrs. Apara TripathiPhysicsDr. U.S. PandeyStudies in Galactic Clusters2006 2014
121Aditi AgarwalPhysicsDr. U.S. Pandey Multi-wavelength Studies of Blazars2014 2017
122Pankaj Kumar GauravPhysicsDr. M. RoychoudhuryStudy of Characterization of Liquid Crystals2007 2014
123Rakesh Kumar SrivastavaPhysicsDr. M. RoychoudhuryMolecular Aggression and Thermal Properties of Long Chain Molecules2007 2015
124Manoj Kumar PatelPhysicsDr. Dhruva Chand SrivastvaStudy of Chromospherically Active Stars2007 2014
125Shweta SrivstavaPhysicsDr. Dhruva Chand SrivstavaStudies of Wolf – Rayet Galaxies2007 2014
126Vinod PrasadPhysicsSr. Dhruva Chand SrivstavaPhotometric Studies of Eclipsing Binaries2007 2014
127Alka MishraPhysicsDr. Dhruva Chand SrivastavaStudy of nearby interacting Disc Galaxies in Cluster/Group Environment2007 2015
128Vikah Chandra SrivastavaPhysicsDr. Dhruva Chand SrivstavaStudies of Spherically Symmetric Distribution and Space times in General Relativity2007 2017
129Amit Kumar ChaubeyPhysicsDr. R.P. OjhaStability of Modified Quadruplux: MD Simulation Studies2008 2014
130Gargi TiwariPhysicsDr. R.P. OjhaMolecular Dynamics Studies of Nonstructural Proteins of Hepatitis C Virus2014 2017
131Rashmi SinghPhysicsDr. Shantanu RastogiStudy of Molecules of Astrophysical Relevance2010 2018
132Vishnudatt PandeyPhysicsDr. R.P. OjhaMolecular Dynamics Studies of HIV Envelope Protein2014 2019
133Chandra ShekharZoologyDr. Ajay SinghA comparative study of commercially used synthetic pesticides and plant origin pesticides against freshwater predatory and weed fishes in reference to their toxicological and biochemical effects.2010 2014
134Kusum SinghZoologyDr. B.A. AnsariBiosystematics and Bioecology of Aphis gossypii (Homoptera:Aphididae) in eastern Uttar Pradesh2006 2014
135Shabnam AnsariZoologyDr. B.A. AnsariEffect of an organophosphate insecticide dimethoate and a synthetic pyrethroid alphamethrin on reproductive ability, enzymes of oxidative stress and phosphatases in the liver and gills of zebrafish , Danio rerio (cyprinidae)2010 2014
136Kanchan Lata SinghZoologyDr. Vinay Kumar SinghStudies on the synergistic molluscicidal activity of Mimusops elegi (Linn) and Bauhinia vareigata (Linn) with the plant molluscicide, piperonyl butoxide and MGK-264 against harmful snail2010 2014
137Yogender KumarZoologyDr. Keshav SinghStudy on diversity and ecology of earthworm of eastern UttarP radesh2010 2014
138Ruchi SrivastavZoologyDr. Ajay K. SrivastavResponses of thyroid pituitary and gonads of Heteropneustes fossilis after intoxication with certain pollutants.2007 2015
139Pallavi ShuklaZoologyDr. Ajay SinghStudies of the effect of pulp and paper mill effluent on fish and aquatic mega-fauna in river Aami of Sant Kabir Nagar2010 2015
140Bhumesh PratapZoologyDr. Ajay SinghA comparative study on the piscicidal activity of commercial and botanical piscicides on trash fishes and on non-target major carp2010 2015
141Zuby AfrozZoologyDr. Ajay SinghGenotoxicity and metabolic anomalies induced by pulp and paper mill effluent in fresh water fishes2010 2015
142Dilip Kumar SharmazoologyDr. B.A. AnsariEffects of synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin and neem based formulation achook on phosphatases and enzyme of oxidative stress in the brain and muscle of zebrafish, Danio rerio (cyprinidae)2011 2015
143Neetu Kumari MallZoologyDr. Veena B. KushwahaFaunistic survey of Aphids and their natural enemies in southern eastern U.P.2006 2015
144Bebi KumariZoologyDr. P.H. PathakBiosystematics and Bioecology of Myzus persicae on vegetable crops in eastern uttar Pradesh2007 2015
145Akansha SinghZoologyDr. S.K. TiwariPhysiological and biochemical effects of fenoxycarb, a juvenile hormone analogue on rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica Staint. (Lepdoptera:Pyralidae)2011 2015
146Priyanka TripathiZoologyDr. S.K. TiwariEffect of methoprene an insect growth regulator on the reproduction biology of rice moth Corcyra cephalonica Staint. (Lepdoptera:Pyralidae)2012 2015
147Ajeet K TiwariZoologyDr. R. SinghFactors affecting intraspecific variations in the population of green peach aphid Myzus perscicae (Sulzer) (Homoptera: Aphididae)2014 2016
148Priyanka TiwariZoologyDr. B.A. AnsariEffect of endosulfon, chlorphyrifos and permethrin on nucleic acids and some enzyme of oxidative stress in the brain gill and muscle of zebrafish Danio rerio (cyprinidae)2011 2016
149Mugdha AgarhariZoologyDr. Veena B. KushwahaImpact of sewage disposal on water quality and self purification process in river system.2010 2016
150Geeta BhartiZoologyDr. Veena B. KushwahaToxicological and biochemical evaluation of food additives in rat/mice2010 2016
151Kumari KiranZoologyDr. P.H. PathakTransgenerational changes in development and reproductive potential of rice moth Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) as an effect of combined action of plant volatiles2010 2016
152Vikas Chandra VermaZoologyDr. P.H. PathakIsolation of active ingredients of non host plant volatiles and their subsequent effect on reproductive potential of rice moth Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)2011 2016
153Ruby SinghZoologyDr. Vinay Kumar SinghStudy of aquatic angiosperms in abatement of pollution using malacofauna as indicator.2011 2016
154Vandana SinghZoologyDr. Keshav SinghStudies on effect ofherbicides on reproduction and development of earthworm Eutyphoeus waltoni Michaelsen (oligochaeta; octochaetidae)2014 2016
155Shesh NathZoologyDr. Keshav SinghStudies on effect of vermiwash with biopesticides on the infestation of Helicoverpa armigera2014 2016
156Awanish ChandraZoologyDr. S.K. TiwariSynergistic action of chlorpyrofos-methyl and juvenile hormone analogue on the biology and biochemistry of Ephistia cautella (walker0 larvae.2010 2016
157SunainaZoologyDr. B.A. AnsariHeavy metal toxicity: effect on some enzymes of oxidative stress in the liver and ovary of zebrafish Danio rerio (cyprinidae)2011 2017
158Preeti SinghZoologyDr. Veena B. KushwahaPharmacological evaluation for antifertility effect of the plant Annona squamosa in albino mice/rat.2010 2017
159Neelam SoniZoologyDr. Vinay Kumar SinghMolluscicidal activity of Terminalia arjuna and Tamarindus indica against harmful snail.2014 2017
160Divya ChaturvediZoologyDr. Vinay Kumar SinghMolluscicidal Activity of Photodynamic products of chlorophyll against Lymnaea acuminata and Indoplanorbis exhustus.2014 2017
161Kavita SinghZoologyDr. Vinay Kumar SinghEffect of chlorophyllin/ pheophorbide on the reproduction and development of snail Lymnaea acuminata.2014 2017
162Navneet SonkarZoologyDr. Vinay Kumar SinghPhotoattraction of snails and their control by photodynamic products of chlorophyll bait formulations.2014 2017
163Shweta PatelZoologyDr. R SinghBiosystematics of mantids (Dictyoptera: Mantodea) in northeastern Uttar Pradesh.2014 2018
164Lal Babu YadavZoologyDr Ajay SinghStudies on plankton population found in Chhapkaiya pond, Birganj, Nepal2014 2018
165Krishna Kumar PrajapatiZoologyProf. Ravi Kant UpadhyayWasp toxin peptides: Biological effects and production of poly clonal antibodies2014 2019
166Ravi Kumar GuptaZoologyProf. Ravi Kant UpadhyaySpider toxin peptides: Biological effects and production of poly clonal antibodies2014 2019
167Akhilesh SharmaZoologyProf. Rajendra SinghDiversity of spiders and their distribution pattern in north eastern uttar pradesh2014 2019
168I.L. MathewZoologyProf. C.P.M. Tripathi Effects of Bacillus thruingesis on Habrobracon hebetor say during combined biological control of Carcyra caphalonica2014 2019
169PratibhaZoologyProf. Rajendra SinghEffect of different combinations of biopesticides on the fecundity development and infestation of okra moth2014 2019
170Abhay Deep JohsonZoologyProf. Ajay SinghStudies on larvicidal and growth inhibition activity of some medicinal plants compound, synthetic insecticides and their combinations against mosquito vector2014 2019
171Amit Kumar DubeyBiotechnologyDr. Dinesh Yadav“Molecular cloning and in-silico characterization of pectin lyase gene(s)”2009 2014
172Ruckminee MallBiotechnology Dr. Sarad Kumar Mishra“Studies on enzyme peroxidase from different plant sources”2007 2014
173Shubhra GuptaBiotechnologyDr. Dinesh Yadav“Molecular Cloning and in-silico characterization of DOF(DNA binding with One Finger) transcription factor gene(s) in Sorghum bicolor”2010 2014
174GauravNayakBiotechnologyDr. Sarad Kumar Mishra“Studies on secondary metabolites producing actinomycetes”2010 2015
175Manish KumarBiotechnologyDr. Dinesh Yadav“Molecular cloning and in-silico characterization of microbial pectatelyase gene(s)”2010 2016
176Swati ShuklaBiotechnologyDr. Sarad Kumar Mishra“Studies on antibiotics production from bacterial isolates”2012 2016
177GautamAnandBiotechnologyDr. Dinesh Yadav/Prof. K.D.S. Yadav, Department of Chemistry, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University (Co-guide)“Studies on microbial polygalacturonases and elucidating its biotechnological applications”2012 2017
178SatyaPrakash GuptaBiotechnologyDr. Sarad Kumar Mishra/Dr. M.P Singh, IITR, Lucknow (co-guide)“Association of genetic polymorphism in nitric oxide synthase genes with Parkinson’s disease susceptibility in Indian population”2012 2018
179Vandana GoswamiHome ScienceDr. Divya Rani SinghImpact of multimedia addiction on adolescents personality and effect of intervention2012 2018
180Deepak Kumar VermaComputer ScienceProf. H.S. Shukla A Study of Various Defect Prediction Models for Software product Quality Improvement2013 2016
181Narendra KumarComputer ScienceProf. H.S. ShuklaOptimised Filtering Methods for Image Restoration and Image Denoising2013 2016
182Ravi VermaComputer ScienceProf. H.S. ShuklaImage Priors and Pre- Conditioners for Blurring face Recognition and Image Completion with Computer Vision2013 2017
183Surya Pratap SinghComputer ScienceDr. U.N. TripathiA Study of Security Implications in Various Types of databases2013 2017
184Prastawana SharmaEconomicsProf. S. KumarA Study of Human Development in Uttar Pradesh in the Globalisation Era2007 2014
185Rajneesh MishraEconomicsProf. P.C. ShuklaA Socio-Economic Study of Immigrants in Gorakhpur City with Special Reference to Punjabi and Sindhi Communities2006 2014
186Amit Kumar UpadhyayEconomicsProf P.C. ShuklaTrends in Money Supply Properties in India in Post Reform Era2007 2014
187Alok Kumar GoyalEconomicsProf. S. KumarA Study of Agricultural Production in UP in the Five Year Plan2011 2014
188Akhilesh Dhar DubeyEconomicsProf. K.R. TripathiA Study of Export Performance of Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry with Special Reference to Globalisation Era2011 2015
189Amit Kumar SharmaEconomicsProf. S. KumarThe Effectiveness of Environmental Regulation: A Study2008 2016
190Veenita SinghEconomicsProf. P.C. ShuklaxSj d`f"k vukSipkfjd Jksrksa esa efgykvksa ds Lojkstxkj ij ,d v/;;u ¼xksj[kiqj tuin mRrj izns'k ds fo'ks"k lanHkZ esa½2010 2017
191Rakhee SharmaEconomicsProf. S. KumarA Study of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in India2014 2017
192Siddharth Shankar JigyasuEconomicsProf. K.R. TripathiHkkjr esa egkRek xka/kh jk"Vªh; xzkeh.k jkstxkj xkjUVh ;kstuk dk ,d leh{kkRed v/;;u ¼xksj[kiqj tuin ds fo'ks"k lanHkZ esa½2010 2017
193Muneera SayeedEconomicsProf. K.R. TripathiA Study of Foreign Trade of India during the Globalisation Era2011 2018
194Vikas SrivastavaEducationDr. Uday SinghMadhyamik estar ke vibhhinn shaikshaik samvarg ke vidyarthiyon ke vyavasaik praudhta ka tulanatmak adhyyan2008 2014
195Rajeev DubeyEducationProf. Lalji TripathiMahabharat me varnit Shaikshik evam Naitik Vicharon ka vartaman bharatiya shiksha me prasangikta2008 2014
196Ashish Kumar singhEducationProf. Sushma PandeyUttar Pradesh ke jawahar navodya vidyalayon ki prasthiti ka adhyyan2007 2014
197Pramod Kumar MishraEducationProf. Rajesh SinghIntermediate estar ke Vidyarthiyon ki Ganit Vishay me Adhhyan Ki samsyon ka unke samajik arthik sthiti shaikshik uplabhdi baudhhik kshmta evam srijnatmakta ke sandarbh me adhyyan2011 2014
198Rukmini ChaudharyEducationProf. N.P. BhoktaBhakti Sahitya me varnit shaikshik vicharoo ka adhyyan2008 2014
199Uma TripathiEducationProf. Lalji TripathiSwami shivanand ke shiksha darshan ka ek alochnamak adhyan2008 2014
200Varun TripathiEducationDr. R.D. PandeyVartman shaikshik sandarbh me maharshi dayanand saraswati evam pandit Madan Mohan Malviya ke shaikshik vicharon evam karyo ka tulanatmak adhyan2011 2015
201Mamta TiwariEducationProf. N.P. BhoktaBharat me adhunik shiksha ke prasar me Sar saiyad ahmad khan evam pandit Madan Mohan Malviya ke yogdan ka tulanatmak adhyan2008 2015
202Madhurima TiwariEducationProf. Sarita pandeyAthvi kaksha ke mansik roop se mandbudhhi vidyarthiyon ki shaikshik uplabdhi ka samajik arthik sthiti samayojan2008 2015
203Viveknath TripathiEducationProf. Shushma PandeySarwa shiksha abhiyan ke tahat viklang bachoon ke samakalan hetu sanchalit samekit shiwaro ki prasthiti ka adhyan2011 2015
204Avinash AgrahariEducationProf. Shaija SinghThe impact of Information and communication technology(ICT) on achievement of students in chemistry at secondary level.2011 2015
205Raj NandanEducationProf. Rajesh SinghMahatma Gandhi tatha Maharshi arvind ke shaikshik vicharon evam shiksha me unke yogdan ka tatkalin rajnaitik evamm samajik arthik paristhitiyon ke pariprekhsya me tulanatmak adhyan2008 2015
206Jai Prakash ManiEducationProf. Shailja singhJain evam Boddh Shiksha vyavastha ka tulanatmak adhyan2008 2015
207Isha SinghEducationProf. N.P. BhoktaBhartiya Shiksha me bhasha samasya ka vishlehsnatmak adhyan2007 2015
208Ashutosh MishraEducationProf. Lalji TripathiDevelopment and validation of computer assisted instructions to teach geometry to high schools students2008 2015
209Jai SinghEducationProf. P.C. ShuklaMadhyamik str ke shikshako ki prabhavshilta ka unki karya santushti evam kuntha ke sambandh me sdhyan2006 2015
210Anshuman SinghEducationProf. S.N. TripathiJunior High School str ke vidyarthiyon ke vigyan shikshan hetu nirmit vibhhinn prakar ki swanudeshan samagriyon ki prabhavakta ka unke srijnatmak kshamta ke pariprekshya me adhyan.2008 2016
211Amit Kumar SinghEducationProf. Kumari Sumitra SinghSarva Shiksha abhiyan ki upadeyata : Gorakhpur Mandal Ke vishesh sardarbh me2011 2016
212Pawan KumarEducationProf. Uday SinghMukt Adhyapak Shiksha me Adhyapak ankit datt karyon ka mulyankanatmak adhyan: Indira Gandhi Rakshtriya Mukt Vishwa vidyalay ke Varanasi Kshetra ke Sandarbh me2011 2015
213Om PrakashEducationProf. S.N. TripathiHigh school str ke vidyarthiyon ke vigyan shikshan hetu nirmit vibhhinn prakar ki swanudeshan samagriyon ki prabhawakta ka unke budhhi evam srijnatmak kshamta ke sandarbh me adhyan2014 2016
214Laxman SinghEducationProf. P.C. ShuklaSwavitt poshit evam anudanit mahavdyalayon me karyarat shikshakon ke dabaw sangharsh eavm prabhawshilta katulanatmak adhyan.2011 2016
215Vandana SrivastavEducationProf. Sunita DubeyUchhtar madhyamik str ke kala tatha vigya varg ke vidyarthiyon evam shikshakon ke paryawaran shikshan ke prati abhivritti tatha jagrukta ka tulanatmak adhyan2011 2016
216Vinod GautamEducationDr. R.D PandeySarkari tatha gairsarkari Madhyamik Visyalayon ke shikshakon ki samasyaon ka unki samajik arthik sthiti tatha karya santushti ke sandarbh me tulanatmak adhyan2012 2017
217Hari KrishnaEducationProf. R.K. SinghDevelopment and validation of an auto instructional module on environment awareness for senior secondary school students2011 2017
218Brijesh Lal DiwakarEducationProf. R.K. SinghUchh Prthmik shikshan str pe adhyan karne wale sangathit tatha asangathit kshetra ke majdooro ke palyon ke shaikshik samasyaon uplabdh shaikshik suvidhaon tatha samajik arthik sthiti ke sandarbh me adhyan.2011 2017
219Ram BadanEducationProf. Sunita DubeyGorakhpur janpad me prathmik shiksha ke vikas ka alochnatmak adhyan2011 2017
220Rishikesh VishwakarmaEducationProf. Shobha GaudGorakhpur mandal ke prathmik vidyalayon me karyarat BTC evam Vishisht BTC prakshit adhyapako ki karya santushti parbhawshilta evam samayojan ka tulanatmak adhyan2011 2017
221Sidharth OjhaEducationProf. Sushma PandeyUttar pardesh me sanchalit sarwa shiksha abhiyan karya karam ke pashchat prathmik shikshan ki prasthiti ka adhyan2011 2017
222Pramod ChaurasiaEducationProf. Sarita PandeyPurvi Uttar Pradesh ke Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayon me uplabdh shaikshik suvidhaen tatha adhyanrat kshatraon ki samajik arthik sthiti evam shaikshaik uplabdhi k sandarbh me adhyan2011 2017
223Sanjay ranaEducationProf. Sarita PandeyVitt Poshit evam swa vitt poshit prashikshan mahavidyalayon ke adhyapako ke mansik swasthya, karya santushtu tatha samayojan str ka tulanatmak adhyan2011 2017
224Abha PatelEducationProf. Shobh GaudAdhunik Bhartiya shiksha me acharya viniba bhave ka yogdan : ek adhyan2011 2017
225Vinay Kumar singhEducationProf. Rajesh Kumar SinghBaudhh dharm ke vaishwik prasar me baudhh shiksha kendron ki bhumika: ek adhyan2014 2018
226Preety MishraEducationProf. Uday SinghComparative study of school readiness of children with and without pre-primary education2011 2018
227Swarna RaniEducationProf. Shushma PandeyUttar Pradesh ke vishwa vidyalayon ke shiksha shashtra vishy me kiye j a rahe anusandhan ki sthiti evam samasyaon ka adhyan2011 2018
228Jitendra KumarEducationProf. Rajesh Kumar SinghPurvi Uttar Pradesh ke simavarti kshetra ke sarkari evam gairsarkari uchh prathmik vidyalayon me balikaon ke namankan upasthiti shaikshik uplabdhi tatha thehrao ke sambandh me adhyan2012 2018
229Mahendra Nath PathakEducationProf. Sarita PandeyVishisht Balakon ka unke budhhi abhikshmta srijnatmakta tatha adhigam kshmta ke sambandh me adhyan2012 2018
230Ashish Kumar ShuklaLawProf. Arvind K. MishraAdministrative Discretion & Fundamental Freedom Under Article 19 of Indian Constitution : A Critical Study2013 2017
231K.P. SinghLawProf. Ahmad NaseemProtection of traditional knowledge and geographical indications in India: An Analysis in legal perspective2013 2018
232Dhananjay KumarLawProf. Jitendra MishraThe growing problems of Suicide in India: A Socio- Legal Study2011 2018
233Abhay Mall VisenLawProf. Jitendra TiwariScientific Mechanisms of Crime Detection in the perspective of Right to Privacy and Protection against Self- Incrimination: A Critical Study2011 2017
234Md. Ansar AlamLawProf. Ahmad NaseemAn Analysis of Legal Protection of Bio-Diversity: A Study in National and International perspective2013 2018
235RitaLawProf. Jitendra TiwariThe concept of Secularism in India in the perspective of Judicial Zeal and Jerks2011 2019
236Arun TiwariLawProf. Arvind K. MishraEmerging trends of Compensatory Jurisprudence in a Welfare State: With special reference to Victims of Sexual Offences2011 2019
237Pratima PandeyLawProf. Jitendra MishraSurrogate Motherhood: Question of Ethics and the Law2013 2019
238Krishn Mohan MalviyaLawProf. Jitendra MishraViability of Euthanasia in India: A Socio-Legal Study2013 2019
239Satyandra SrivastavaLawProf. Arvind K. MishraChanging Dimensions of Judicial Review with special reference to Doctrines of Legitimate Expectation and Proportionality2011 2017
240Vibha RaniPhilosophyProf. C.P. SrivastavaCarvaka awam pashchatya Sukhwad ka Tulanatmak Anushilan2009 2014
241Manoj Kumar YadavPhilosophyProf. S.K. TiwariBhagwat Gita awam Kant ke Pariprekshya Kartavya ki Awadharana Ka Tulnatmad Adhyayan2013 2017
242Tripuresh Kumar TripathiPhilosophyProf. S.K. TiwariBhasha awam Sat Higdeger awam Shankarcharya ka Tulnatamak Adhyayan2013 2018
243Shruti DubeyPhilosophyProf. Dwarka NathShankarcharya ke Darshan ke Prakash mein Ashtavakra Mahagita ki Tatva Mimansha ka Samalochanatmak Adhdyyan2011 2018
244Satish Chandra PatelPhilosophyProf. Dwarka NathShrimad Bhagawat Geeta ka Niti awam Samaj Darshan2008 2014
245Versha SinghPhilosophyProf. Dwarka NathKirkegard ke Astitvaparak Dwandatmak ka ek Alochnatmak Adhyayan 2009 2017
246Ajay Kumar ChaurasiaPhilosophyProf. Dwarka NathBauddha Yog awam Sadhana ka Samikshatmak Adhyayan 2009 2014
247Ajay Kumar MishraPhilosophyProf. Dwarka NathShankarcharya ke Niti awam Samaj Darshan ka Samikshatama Adhyayan2010 2016
248Santosh KumarPhilosophyProf. D.N. YadavVaidik Darshan Mein Ishawar Ashtitava Awam Manav Swatantrata2010 2014
249Rekha MishraPhilosophyProf. D.N. YadavShankar aur kant ke darshan mein bhram Sampratayaya ka Tulanatamak Adhyayan2010 2015
250Rukhsana KhatoonPhilosophyProf. D.N. YadavIslam Dharma mein Ishwar awam manushya ke swaroop ka adhyayan2011 2017
251Vikash Sharma Fine Art And MusicProf. Manoj Kumar Singh dk”kh ds xfy;ksa esa fufeZr eafnj okLrqdyk esa miyC/k dykd`fr;ksa dk leh{kkRed v/;;u ¼eSnkfxu ls xksnkSfy;k ds e/; xaxk rhjs½2001 2014
252Ruchi Gupta Fine Art And MusicProf. Usha SinghLkjljax ¼iafMr jkeukjk;.k ef.k f=ikBh½ ds lkaxhfrd O;fDro dk okXxs;dkj ds :Ik esa leh{kkRed v/;;u 2008 2015
253Priyanka Singh Fine Art And MusicDr. Karuna SibbuHkkjrh; VsDlVkby ds dykRed lkS’Bo esa xqtjkr dk mYys[kuh; ;ksxnku ,oa fo”ys’k.kkRed v/;;u 2010 2016
254Shweta Verma Fine Art And MusicDr. Bharat Bhusan dykdkj f”k{kkfon~ ,oa dyk iz”kkld izks0oh0ih0 dkEckst% ,d leh{kkRed v/;;u 2007 2016
255Arati Gupta Fine Art And MusicDr. Rajeshwar Aacharya Hkkjrh; laxhr esa fufgr fp=dykRed rRoksa dk ehekalkijd vuq”khyu 2007 2016
256Arpita Banerjee Fine Art And MusicProf. Usha SinghiwokZapy ds yksdxhrksa dk lkaLd`frd ,oa lkaxhfrd v/;;u 2008 2017
257Ravi Prakash SinghPolitical ScienceProf. Shri Prakash Mani TripathiHkkjr &E;kaekj lEcU/k2007 2014
258Rama Shankar YadavPolitical ScienceProf. Shri Prakash Mani TripathiHkkjrh; jktuhfr esa bUnzk xk¡/kh dh Hkwfedk 2009 2014
259Mahendra PratapPolitical ScienceProf. Shri Prakash Mani TripathiHkkjr dh lalnh; O;oLFkk esa lehfr;ksa dh Hkwfedk% la;qDr lalnh; lehfr ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa 2011 2014
260Mridula PandeyPolitical ScienceProf. Rajni Kant Pandeyxzkeh.k fodkl esa ftyk iapk;r v/;{k dh Hkwfedk&xksj[kiqj tuin ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa 2009 2014
261Sachindra KumarPolitical ScienceProf. Rajesh Kumar Singhia- tokgj yky usg: vkSj ljnkj oYyHk HkkbZ iVsy dk Hkkjrh; jktuhfr esa ;ksxnku& ,d rqyUkkRed v/;;u2007 2014
262Chandrashekhar SinghPolitical ScienceProf. Rajesh Kumar SinghHkkjr ds iwokZsRrj jkT;ksa esa vkUrfjd fonzksg ,oa vkradokn % vle jkT; ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa 2007 2014
263Ashutosh KumarPolitical ScienceProf. Rajesh Kumar Singhuohu iapk;rhjkt O;oLFkk esa vkj{k.k dh fLFkfr dk v/;;u ¼xksj[kiqj tuin ds {ks= iapk;r fiijkSyh ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa½2011 2014
264Aparna MishraPolitical ScienceProf. Rajesh Kumar SinghPolitical Impowerment of Women and New Panchayatiraj System ( A Special Study of Gorakhpur Muncipal Corporation )2008 2014
265Archana MishraPolitical ScienceDr. Rusiram MahanandaImpact of Glowbalization on NAM and its Direction in 21st Century.2007 2014
266Kavita DasPolitical ScienceProf. Shri Prakash Mani TripathiRole of the President of Congres Party in the Post Independence India with Special Reference to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi2009 2015
267Deepawali SharmaPolitical ScienceProf. Shri Prakash Mani TripathixBcU/ku dh jktuhfr eas {ks=h; nyksa dh Hkwfedk ¼iUnzgoha yksdlHkk ds lUnHkZ esa½2012 2015
268Shalini SrivastavPolitical ScienceProf. Rajesh Kumar SinghGlowbal Environmental Politics and India.2010 2015
269Priyanka SrivastavPolitical ScienceProf. Rajesh Kumar SinghIndia's Nucliar Policy in Post Cold War Era.2010 2016
270Gauri MishraPolitical ScienceProf. Vineeta PathakHkkjrh; jk"Vªh; vkUnksyu esa ia- xksfoUn oYyHk iUr dk ;ksxnku2010 2015
271Ajay Kumar TripathiPolitical ScienceProf. Vineeta Pathakxk¡/kh ds xzke Lojkt dh vo/kkj.kk ,oa orZeku iapk;rh jkt O;oLFkk % ,d rqyukRed v/;;u2011 2015
272Shudha DwivediPolitical ScienceProf. Gopal PrasadT;ksfrjko Qwys ,oa lkfo=h ckbZ Qwys dk efgykvksa ds lkekftd fodkl ,oa jktuhfrd tkx:drk esa rqyukRed ;ksxnku2010 2015
273Kesar PandeyPolitical ScienceProf. Gopal PrasadJh vjfoUn ds jk"Vªoknh fpUru ij vk/;kfRedrk dk izHkko2010 2016
274Dhanpal SinghPolitical ScienceDr. Rusiram MahanandamRrj izns'k dh jktuhfr eas nfyr usr`Ro % jktuhfrd v/;;u 2007 2015
275Anup Kumar SinghPolitical ScienceDr. Rusiram Mahanandaiapk;rhjkt O;oLFkk eas vuqlwfpr tkfr ,oa vuqlwfpr tutkfr dh jktuhfrd lgHkkfxrk ¼ xksj[kiqj tuin ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ eaas ½2007 2015
276Mithilesh singhPolitical ScienceDr. Rusiram MahanandanqcZy oxZ dk ekuo vf/kdkj laj{k.k& leL;k ,oa lEHkkouk2007 2015
277Ram Manohar YadavPolitical ScienceDr. Rusiram MahanandaiwohZ mRrj izns'k esa Nk= jktuhfr dh fn'kk ,oa n'kk % fyaxnks lehfr dh f'kQkfj'kksa ds fo'ks"k LkUnHkZ esa2010 2015
278Arvind Kumar SinghPolitical ScienceProf. Vineeta Pathakiapk;rhjkt O;oLFkk esa lq'kklu gsrq lwpuk ds vf/kdkj ¼vf/kfu;e½ dk egRo2011 2016
279Keerti MishraPolitical ScienceProf. Gopal PrasadHkkjrh; laln % Hkk"kk ,oa O;ogkj 2010 2016
280Indravijay KumarPolitical ScienceDr. Rusiram MahanandaHkkjrh; iz'kklu eaas yksdiky dh Hkwfedk2011 2016
281Laxmi MishraPolitical ScienceDr. Nisha JaiswalHkkjrh; jk"Vªh; vkUnksyu eas xksiky d`".k xks[kys rFkk ia- cky xaxk/kj fryd ds ;ksxnku dk rqyukRed v/;;u 2010 2016
282Ajay KumarPolitical ScienceProf. Rajni Kant PandeyHkkjrh; jktuhfr esa eqfLye leqnk; dh Hkwfedk ¼ xksj[kiqj e.My ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa ½2010 2017
283Vimlesh Kumar YadavPolitical ScienceDr. Nisha Jaiswalvlg;ksx vkUnksyu ,oa pkSjh pkSjk dk.M dk varlZEcU/k 2011 2017
284Radhesh KumarPolitical ScienceProf. Vineeta Pathak21oha 'krkCnh esa Hkkjr esa u;s jkT;ksa dh ek¡x % la?kh; O;oLFkk dh pqukSfr;k¡2013 2019
285Amrendra Kumar PaswanPolitical ScienceProf. Vineeta PathaklkEiznkf;drk % jk"Vªh; ,dhdj.k ds le{k pqukSrh2011 2018
286Ankita MaddhesiaPolitical ScienceProf. Shri Prakash Mani TripathixBcU/ku jktuhfr ds lUnHkZ esa % jk"Vªh; turkfU=d xBcU/ku ,oa la;qDr izxfr'khy xBcU/ku ds 'kklu dk rqyukRed v/;;u2013 2018
287Anju Lata Political ScienceDr. Nisha Jaiswal73osa lafo/kku lalks/ku ds i'pkr nfyr efgykvksa dh jktuhfrd psruk ¼xksj[kiqj tuin ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa ½2012 2018
288Amrita DasPolitical ScienceProf. Gopal Prasadnfyr efgykvksa ds ekuokf/kdkj dh fLFkfr ¼ xksj[kiqj tuin ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa ½2010 2019
289Ajay Kumar MishraAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Premsagar ChaturvediGorakhpur Ka Samajik Evam Sanskritik Itias2010 2016
290Umesh Kumar PrasadAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. GorakhnathPrachin Bharti Evam Dautya Sambandh2008 2017
291Raj LaxmiAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. GorakhnathHindu Pariwar Ke Udbhaw Aur Vikas Per Nagrikaran Ka Prabhav2011 2018
292Supriya TripathiAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Vipula DubeyPrachin Bharat Mein Naari : Ek Aitihasik Evam Sankritik Adhyaan2012 2018
293Manindra YadavAncient History, Archaeology & CultureDr. Rajwant RaoMudrao Ke Vishesh Sandarbh Main Bharat Ki Aarthik Sthiti Ka Aitihasik Adhayan (Prarambha Se Tritiya Shatabadi Eesavi Tak )2011 2016
294Praveen Kumar SharmaAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Ishwar Sharan ViswakarmaReligio-Cultural Concepts Of Ancient Indian Temples 2009 2016
295Mithilesh Kumar TiwariAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Ishwar Sharan ViswakarmaPermaro Ka Itihas: Aabhilekhik Sakshayo Ke Aadhar Per2009 2017
296Ravi PrakashAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf . Rekha ChaturvediVajrayan Sampradaya : Dev Mandal Evam Murtiyan2009 2016
297Amitesh kumar sharma Ancient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Shitala Prasad SinghPurvi Uttar Pradesh Ke Baudha Kala Aushesh: Ek Adhayan 2007 2014
298Subhash Ancient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Shitala Prasad SinghMathura Sangrahalaya Mein Sanrakshit Hindu Pratimaye : Ek Pratimashastri Adhayan(PrathamSshatabdi Eesavi Se Barahavi Shatabdi Eesavi Tak)2007 2014
299Neelam BharatiAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Digvijay NathPurva Madhayakalin Bharat Mein Samajiik Aarthik Privartan Ek Adhayan(Uttar Bharat Ke Sandarbha Mein)2011 2018
300Amit Kumar VarunAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Pragya ChaturvediPrachin Bharati Sahitya Evam Kala Mein Yasti Aur Dhawaj2011 2017
301Bhagirathi SinghAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Kamlesh Kumar GautamPurva Madhayakal Mein Krishi Vyavasth2012 2018
302Balmendra Prasad BhartiAncient History, Archaeology & CultureProf. Kamlesh Kumar GautamSayukt Nikaya : Ek Snaskritik Adhayan2012 2018
303Ashutosh Kumar TripathiAncient History, Archaeology & CultureDr. Dhyanendra Narain DubeyNarad-Pancharaatra (Gyanamrit Saar Sanhita) Ek Sanskritik Adhayan2008 2015
304Kumari JyotiAncient History, Archaeology & CultureDr. Ram Pyare MishraRahul Sankrityayan Itihaslekhan Evam Itihas Dristi2008 2014
305Mahip Kumar PandeyAncient History, Archaeology & CultureDr. Ram Pyare MishraJatak Kathao Mein Varnit Samajik Vargo Ka Aarathik Adhayayan2008 2014
306Alok Rajan Medieval And Modern HisortyProf. S.N.R. Rizvi19th Shatabdi Me Purvi Uttar Pradesh Dhandhe Avam Unke Sambadh Silpiyon Ka Ek Adhyayan 2008 2014
307Soni MishraMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Manoj TiwariPeasents And National Politics In Bihar (1930-34)2010 2014
308Emamuddin KhanMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Ashok Kumar SrivastavaSaiyad Sultan Avam Darwari Rajaniti2010
309Shrimati Shalini GuptaMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Chandrabhushan Gupta AnkurGorakhpur Vishwavidhyalya Ka Etihaas: Sthapana Se 2000th Tak2010 2014
310Shree Virendra YadavMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Sudhakar Lal SrivastavaMahathagandhi Ki Gaya Svaraja Ki Pravadharanaaur Vartaman Panchayati Rajvyavastha Ka Tulanaatmak Adhyayan2010 2014
311Shree Kant ChaudhariMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Ashok Kumar SrivastavaThe Development And Stylistic Characteristics Of Indo Islamic Architecture In Medieval India: 1206-16582010 2015
312Priti TiwariMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Mukund Saran TripahiBharatiy Rashtriy Avam Aruna Aaruf Ali2010 2015
313Shree Vinay Kumar RaoMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Rajesh Kumar1942 Ka Bharat Chodo Aandolan Avam Congres Vayapanthi Ghatak2010 2015
314Shrimati Archana PandeyMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Manoj Kumar TiwariBharatiya Svatantrata Sagram Me Bundelakhand Ka Yogadan: 1857-1947 Tak2010 2015
315Shree Sacchidanand PandeyMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Nidhi Chaturvedi1919 Ka Adhiniyam Avam Sanyukta Prant Me Rajanaitik Pratikriya 1919-1927 Tak2011 2015
316Shree Gauri Shankar ChandMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Nidhi ChaturvediAadhunik Bharat Ki Baiking Vyavastha : 1800-2007 Tak Ek Yetihasik Punaravalokan 2011 2015
317Km. Shweta Medieval And Modern HisortyShree Sudhakar Lal SrivastavaBharatiya Rashtriya Congres Me Mahilayon Ki Bhukima : 1920-1950 Tak2010 2016
318Parikshit Dubey Medieval And Modern HisortyProf. Ashok Kumar SrivastavaKhadi: Ek Yetihaasik Adhyayan(1919-1980) Rashtriya Aadolan Gandhi Mahilay Arthvyavastha Avam Rajaniti Uttar Bharat Ke Sampark Me 2011 2016
319Priyanka Aanand Medieval And Modern HisortyProf. S.N.R RizviSvatantra Prapti Ke Pashchat Uttar Pradesh Me Mahilayon Ki Sthithi Ek Adhyayan 1947-2001 2010 2016
320Ritambhara TiwariMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Manoj Kumar TiwariUttar Pradesh Ka Mahilayon Samajik Vikas: Panchayati Raj Vyavastha Ke Virud Sandhrbha Me 1947-2009 Tak2010 2016
321Dherendra Kumar RaiMedieval And Modern HisortyShree Sudhakar Lal Srivastava18th Shatabdi Me Jaat-Maratha Sambandha: Ek Aalochanatmak Adhyayan2012 2016
322Sharad Chndra Aanand Medieval And Modern HisortyDr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari18th Me Mugal Sikkha Sambandha: Ek Aalochanatmak Adhyayan2011 2016
323Shree Ajay Kumar GuptaMedieval And Modern HisortyShree Sudhakar Lal SrivastavaAsahayog Aandolan Aur Jan Sahabhagita: Purvi Uttar Pradesh Ke Sandarbha Me (Gorakhpur, Basti, V Azamghah Mandal Ke Vishesh Sandarbh Me)2013 2017
324Sujit Kumar SinghMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. S.N.R. RizviGorakhpur Janapad K Jamidar: Ek Adhyayan 1801-1857 Tak2012 2017
325Navin KumarMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Himanshu Chaturvedi 1942 Ke Rashtriya Aandolan Me Purvi Uttar Pradesh Ka Yogadan2010 2017
326Pooja PandeyMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Nidhi ChaturvediGandhi Yog Avam Bharatiya Mahilayon Ki Badaliti Sthithi2010 2017
327Amit Kumat ChaturvediMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Gyan Prakash MangalamHindi Krishna Kavya Me Sanskriti Aor Samaj2010 2017
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329SunitaMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Sudhakar Lal SrrivastavaBharat Ka Vibhajan Avam Mahila: Ek Adhyayan (Samajik, Aarthik Pariprekshy Me )2011 2017
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331Mukesh Kumar DubeyMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Gyan Prakash MangalamSufi Prem Kavyon Me Samajik Avam Sanskriti Jivan2010 2018
332Rajeev Ranjan PandeyMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Rajesh KumarBharatiya Rashtiya Aandolan Me Dalit Varg Ki Bhumika (1917-1947)2010 2018
333Ram Pratap YadavMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Chnadra Bhuasharan GuptaSvantatrottar Bharat Me Ati Pichado Ki Sthithi Ka Yetihaasik Adhyayan: Uttar Pradesh Ke Vishesh Sandarbha Me (1950-2010) 2011 2018
334Sanjay KumarMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Rajesh KumarBharatiya Punarjagaran Me Anusuchit Varg Ki Bhumika 2010 2018
335Ram Pal SinghMedieval And Modern HisortyDr. Rajesh KumarBharat Chodo Aandolan Me Sanyokta Prant Ke Aamajan Ki Bhumika2010 2018
336Pradeep Kumar SinghMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Himanshu ChaturvediBharatiy Rashtrawad Avam Uttar Bharat Me Press Ki Bhumika2013 2019
337Yadavendra ShreenetMedieval And Modern HisortyProf. Himanshu ChaturvediAadhunik Avadh Vikas Avam Babu Ganga Prasad Vera (1863-1914)2012 2019
338Shabanam Khatoon Sanskrit Prof. Karunesh ShuklaCksoj eSuqfLØIV~l dk rqyukRed ,oa leh{kkRed v/;;u 2007 2014
339Gulab Chand GaudSanskrit Prof. K.D. ShuklaegkHkkjr Hkh"e ioZ dk lkaLd`frd v/;;u 2008 2014
340Dharmendra Nath MishraSanskrit Prof. Ravinath MishrafoØeknsopfjre~ ds fØ;kinksa dk vuq'khyu 2009 2014
341Kirti SinghSanskrit Prof. K.D. ShuklaegkHkk"; dkyhu yksdthou dk vuq'khyu2007 2014
342Renu YadavSanskrit Prof. K.D. ShuklaUkjk;.kh;e~ dk leh{kkRed v/;;u 2007 2015
343Anita MishraSanskrit Prof. K.D. ShuklaegkHkkjr esa oSfnd lanHkZ& ,d v/;;u 2007 2015
344Tanvee SinghSanskrit Prof. M.M. Pathak ds'ko feJ iz.khr vyadkj'ks[kj dk leh{kkRed vuq'khyu 2010 2015
345DharmendraSanskrit Prof. M.M. PathakOkkeu ,oa eEeVkfHkefr xq.kksa dk 'kkL=h; vuq'khyu 2010 2015
346Ranjana Sanskrit Dr. Shridhar Mishra laLd`r :idksa esa jktu;~ ,d v/;;u ¼eqnzkjk{kl ds fo'ks"k lanHkZ esa½2010 2015
347Anurag Dubey Sanskrit Prof. M.M. Pathakg"kZpfjr ds fØ;kinksa dk O;kdj.kkRed fo'ys"k.k 2010 2015
348Dharmendra Kumar Singh Sanskrit Dr. Shridhar MishralaLd`r lkfgR; esa d`f"k foKku ,d v/;;u 2010 2015
349Anju SrivastawaSanskrit Prof. K.D. ShuklavFkoZosnh; vkS"kf/k;k¡& ,d vuq'khyu 2010 2016
350Kirti RaiSanskrit Prof. K.D. ShuklaIkkf.kuh; f'k{kk ,d v/;;u 2010 2016
351Srawan Kumar Sanskrit Prof. Ashahab Ali vFkoZosn esa vfHkpkkj fØ;k,¡&,d v/;;u 2010 2016
352Vijay Lakshmi Tripathi Sanskrit Prof. M.M. Pathakd`".k ;tqosZnh; x`g lw=ksa dk lkaLd`frd vuq'khyu 2011 2016
353Renu Tripathi Sanskrit Dr. Madhu SattadeoMk0 vfHkjkt jktsUnz feJ ds dFkk lkfgR; ¼bPNqxU/kk] jkaxM+k] fp=i.khZ½ esa ;qxcks/k&,d vuq'khyu 2012 2016
354Satya Dubey Sanskrit Prof. K.D. Shukla dkfynkl ;qxhu lekl ,oa laLd`r ij /keZ'kkL= dk izHkko&,d vuq'khyu 2010 2017
355Upendra Mani Sanskrit Prof. M.M. Pathak vkthfodk fu/kkZj.k esa T;ksfr"k'kkL= Hkh Hkwfedk ¼izeq[k T;ksfr"k'kkL= xzUFkksa ds vkyksd esa½ 2014 2017
356Pooja DwivediSanskrit Dr. Madhu Satyadeo laLd`r ds ,sfrgkfld egkdkO;ksa esa jk"Vª/keZ ¼foØekad nsopfjre~ ,oa uolkgalkadpfjre~ ds lUnHkZ esa½2012 2017
357Purnima Dubey Sanskrit Prof. M.M. PathakrSRrhjh; czkã.k esa izfrink JksrdeZ ,d vuq'khyu 2011 2017
358Ramharish MauryaSanskritProf. Shridhar MishraRamayan Me Manvadhikar Avam Unka Anuprayog2013 2018
359Divya ShuklaSanskritProf. Shridhar MishraPrasann Raghav Me Prayukta Kriyapado Ka Vidhik Shastriya Anushilan2013 2018
360Ranjana TripathiSanskritProf. M.M. PathakNaishadhiyacharit Mahakavya Ke Taddhit Prayogo Ka Samikshatmak Anushilan2014 2018
361VandanaSanskritProf. Kapildev ShuklaAshvaghosh Pranit Mahakavyon Ka Pryavarniya Anushilan2012 2018
362Monika LalSanskritProf. Kapildev ShuklaAapastambha Grihya Sutro Me Varnit Grih Karya: Ek Anushilan2012 2018
363IndalSanskritDr. Gangadhar PandeyBhavbhuti Ke Rupko Me Abhivyakta Aadarsh Bhartiya Nari Ka Swaroop2014 2018
364Kiran YadavSanskritDr. Madhu SatyadevBiswi Shtabdi Ke Pramukh Natko Me Manav Mulya Avam Unki Prasangikta2014 2018
365Gyandhar BhartiSanskritProf. Chhaya RaniVidurniti Ka Nitishashtriya Adhyayan2013 2019
366Rudra Kumar OjhaSanskritProf. Kapildev ShuklaMahakavi Pravarsen Pranit Setubandh Mahakavya Ka Samikshatmak Anushilan2011 2019
367Preeti TamtaPsychologyProf. Sushma PandeyWorking memory in relation to individual differences and child abuse.2008 2014
368Shikha RaiPsychologyProf. Sushma PandeyRole of transformational leadership and commitment in organizational citizenship behaviour.2010 2014
369Venkat R. PandeyPsychologyProf. Sushma PandeyRole of future orientation in managing time stress- health relationship.2010 2015
370Nimisha TripathiPsychologyProf. Sushma PandeyStudy of adolescent self esteem in relation to parenting and child abuse2014 2018
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375Pallavi ShuklaPsychologyProf. P.S.N. Tiwari A study of psychological factors associated with quality of life in HIV/AIDS patients2010 2017
376Tanwangi mani TripathiPsychologyProf. P.S.N. TiwariRole of positive emotions in health and well being2012 2017
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380Chandr Kiran SinghPsychologyProf. N.K.M. TripathiStudy on tolerance of deprivation2007 2015
381Pratima KumariPsychologyProf. Anubhuti DubeyA study of cognitive awareness of terrorism2009 2014
382Shilpi SinghPsychologyProf. Anubhuti DubeyStress and emotional responses in relation to marital adjustment, coping and well being in couple undergoing infertility treatment2010 2016
383Pragya TripathiPsychologyProf. Anubhuti DubeyPsychosocial profiles of overweight/ obese pediatric population2010 2015
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385Vartika MishraPsychologyProf. Anubhuti DubeyIntervention for behavioural problems in children and adolescents2008 2014
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391Vinay Kumar KharberSociologyDr. Subhi DhusiaYuva Dalito Me Rajnitik Jagrukta2007 2015
392Rakesh Kumar TiwariSociologyDr. Sangeeta PandeySwarn Jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna2008 2015
393Anita ChandSociologyDr. Subhi DhusiaGramir Mahila Udyamita Vikas Me Syam Sahayata Samuho Ki Bhumika2007 2015
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410Buklashwari GuptaSociologyProf. Ram PrakashAmbedkar Ganv Me Antarjatiya Sambandho Ka Ek Samajshastriya Adhyayan2011 2018
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418EramEnglishProf. Nandita SinghAutobiography and Women Writers2013 2019
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433BaljeetEnglishProf. Gourhari BeheraPast Revisited: Myth and History in the Plays of Girish Karnad2010 2015
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438Lorisha SinghProf Awanish RaiNation in the Writings of V.S. Naipaul.2014 2018
439Ajay Pratap NishadGeographyProf. P.R. ChauhanflfDde jkT; % tula[;k Hkwxksy esa ,d v/;;u2007 2014
440Rajesh KumarGeographyProf. P.R. Chauhanxzkeh.k fodkl dk;ZØeksa dk lkekftd&vkfFkZd :ikUrj.k ij izHkko % xksj[kiqj tuin ¼m0iz0½ dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2014
441Brijesh Kumar TripathiGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshitjktuhfrd tkx:drk ,oa izknsf”kd fodkl % if”peh mRrj izns”k dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2014
442Arbind Kumar GuptaGeographyDr. S.K. Singhxzkeh.k fodkl esa d`f’k vk/kkfjr m|ksxksa dh Hkwfedk % vo/k eSnku dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2014
443Sanjay Kumar RaiGeographyProf. K.N. SinghHkkjh m|ksxksa ds fodkl esa ifjogu ekxksaZ dh Hkwfedk % NRrhlx<+ dk ,d izrhd v/;;u2007 2015
444Santosh KumarGeographyProf. V.N. Sharma & Dr. N.K. RanafefFkyk eSnku esa phuh m|sx dh leL;k,a ,oa lEHkkouk,a % ,d HkkSxksfyd v/;;u2007 2015
445Pramod KumarGeographyProf. K.N. Singhxksikyxat tuin ¼fcgkj½ ds vuqlwfpr tkfr ,oa vuqlwfpr tutkfr dh tula[;k vkSj muds thou dh xq.koRrk2007 2015
446Neeraj KumarGeographyProf. R.B. PatelO;kolkf;d d`f’k dh leL;k,a ,oa lEHkkouk,a % dq”khuxj tuin dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2015
447Vivek TiwariGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshitokjk.klh e.My esa fo/kkulHkk fuokZpu 2007 dk LFkkfud fo”ys’k.k2007 2015
448Brijesh TripathiGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshitjktuhfrd psruk ,oa izknsf”kd fodkl % if”peh mRrj izns”k dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2015
449Vandana MishraGeographyProf. V.N. Sharma & Dr. N.K. RanaQjsUnk rglhy tuin egjktxat esa xzkeks|ksx dk fodkl ,oa Jfedksa ds thou dh xq.koRrk2007 2015
450Alka RaiGeographyDr. N.K. Ranalafodkl ds lanHkZ esa Hkwfe mi;ksx fu;kstu % xksj[kiqj tuin dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2015
451Rajni VermaGeographyProf. P.R. Chauhanxksj[kiqj e.My ¼m0iz0½ esa xzkeh.k m|ksxksa dh leL;k,a ,oa lEHkkouk,a 2010 2015
452Harishankar GondGeographyProf. R.B. PatelO;kolkf;d d`f’k dh leL;k,a ,oa lEHkkouk,a % tuin xksj[kiqj ¼m0iz0½ dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2015
453Vishal SonkarGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshitckjkcadh tuin esa xzkeh.k fodkl dk;ZØeksa dk ewY;kadu2010 2015
454Kanchan LataGeographyDr. S.K. SinghvoLFkkiukRed rRo ,oa vkS|ksfxd izk:i % xksj[kiqj e.My dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2015
455Rajendra ThakurGeographyProf. S.K. DikshitDemographic and Socio-economic Status of Hajam (Thakur) Community in Nepal : A Case Study of Central Tarai Region2008 2015
456Anupma TripathiGeographyProf. Nutan Tyagiuxjh; lsok,a ,oa thou dh xq.koRrk % cLrh uxj dk izrhd v/;;u2007 2016
457Ajeet MadheshiyaGeographyProf. P.R. Chauhanvuqlwfpr tkfr;ksa dk lkekftd&vkfFkZd fodkl % vktex<+ e.My dk izrhd v/;;u2008 2016
458Anuradha SinghGeographyProf. Nutan TyagicLrh e.My ¼m0iz0½ esa flpkbZ ,oa d`f’k mRikndrk2007 2016
459Nivedita SinghGeographyProf. Nutan TyagiiwohZ rFkk if”peh m0iz0 esa L=h&iq:’k vuqikr rFkk lk{kjrk izfr:i 2007 2016
460ShivnarayanGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshitegjktxat tuin esa tula[;k lalk/ku larqyu2010 2016
461Reena GuptaGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshitlardchj uxj tuin esa voLFkkiukRed rRo ,oa xzkeh.k fodkl2012 2016
462ChandrajeetGeographyProf. S.K. Singhdkuiqj egkuxj ds mikUr esa Hkwfe mi;ksx izfr:i2010 2016
463Ganesh GuptaGeographyProf. S.K. Singhbykgkckn egkuxjh; ifj{ks= esa f”k{kk ,oa LokLF; lEcU/kh lqfo/kkvksa dk HkkSxksfyd v/;;u2010 2016
464Shashi Bhushan Ram TripathiGeographyProf. K.N. SinghlefUor Hkwfe mi;ksx ,o ty izcU/ku %jkIrh&xjkZ nksvkc dk izrhd v/;;u2010 2016
465ManjuGeographyProf. P.R. ChauhanukSx<+ rglhy ¼tuin fl)kFkZuxj½ esa tula[;k mRizokl dk lkekftd&vkfFkZd v/;;u2010 2016
466Ravisen SinghGeographyProf. K.N. SinghQStkckn e.My esa fo/kkulHkk fuokZpu 2007 dk HkkSxksfyd v/;;u2007 2016
467Ashutosh RaiGeographyProf. S.K. DikshitnsohikVu e.My esa xzkeh.k fodkl ds Lrj esa izknsf”kd fo’kerk2010 2016
468Madhuri SharmaGeographyProf. S.K. Dikshit:nziqj rglhy ¼tuin & nsofj;k½ esa tula[;k o ifjokj dY;k.k dk;ZØe2010 2017
469Vijay KumarGeographyDr. R.D. TripathiSocio-economic Transformation in Tribles of Andaman Nikobar Island 2007 2017
470Ruchi ShrivastvaGeographyProf. S.K. Singhtula[;k mRizokl dk lkekftd& vkfFkZd izHkko % egjktxat rglhy ¼tuin & egjktxat½ dk izrhd v/;;u2012 2017
471ShabbuGeographyProf. Nutan Tyagiifjokj fu;kstu dk;ZØe ewY;kadu % tuin eÅ ¼m0iz0½ dk izrhd v/;;u2012 2018
472RaviranjanGeographyProf. S.K. DikshitcDlj tuin ¼fcgkj½ esa xzkeh.k fodkl fu;kstu2010 2018
473Manisha TiwariGeographyProf. K.N. SingheÅ tuin esa uxjhdj.k ,oa xzkeh.k fodkl2012 2018
474Bijay Kumar GautamGeographyDr. N.K. Ranavkeh unh ds iznw’k.k ds i;; izHkko dk vkWdyu ,oa U;wuhdj.k2011 2018
475KunjlataGeographyProf. R.B. Patelxzkeh.k fodkl esa voLFkkiuk rRoksa dh Hkwfedk % xksj[kiqj tuin ¼m0iz0½ dk izrhd v/;;u2012 2018
476Sukant VatsGeographyProf. N.K. RanaEnrollment in elementary education in Eastren U.P: level, patterns and disaprity2011 2018
477Rakesh KumarGeographyProf. P.R. Chauhanआजमगढ़ में अनुसूचित जाति की महिलाओ के सामाजिक, आर्थिक परिवर्तन का भौगोलिक अद्धयन2012 2018
478Aarti VermaGeographyProf. N.K. RanaSansadhan upyog evam pradeshik vikas : Gorakhpur evam Basti mandal ka tulnatmak adhyayan2012 2018
479Nisha YadavGeographyProf. Nutan TyagiGorakhpur mandal me jansankhya gatyatmakta2012 2018
480Rajyeshree kumariGeographyProf. R.B. PatalGramin Vikas main abasthapna tatva ki Bhumika:Gorakhpur Mandal ka Pratik Adhyayan2011 2019
481Dhermendra Pratap YadavGeographyProf. S.S. VermaGorakhpur Mahanagar main Apshist Utsarjan, unka nistaran ththa paryavarnia prabhav: ek bhaugolik vishalayana2013 2019
482Shubhash Chandra HindiProf. Surendra DubeyÞHkw’k.k ds dkO; esa jhfr vkSj jk’Vªh;rkß2008 2014
483Sanjeev Kumar Singh HindiProf. A.K. RaiÞeSfFkyh”kj.k xqIr dk dkO;&lkfgR; % 2010 2014
484Satyendra Kumar ShuklaHindiProf. Chittaranjan MishraÞfo|k fuokl feJ dk vkykspuk lkfgR;ß2006 2014
485Keshav Sharan ChaudharyHindiProf. K.C. LalÞxqy”ksj [kku ^”kkuh* vkSj mudk 2007 2014
486Shrihari TripathiHindiProf. K.C. LalÞLokra+=~;ksÙkj fgUnh leh{kk vkSj jkeLo:Ik prqosZnhß2010 2014
487Shipra OjhaHindiProf. Sadanand Pd. GuptaÞjes”k pUnz “kkg dk dFksrj x|ß2010 2014
488Km. Nitu Singh HindiProf. Manju TripathiÞLokrU=~;ksÙkj Hkkjrh; lkekftd ,oa jktuhfrd ;FkkFkZ vkSj losZ”oj O;kl lDlsuk dk dkO;ß2010 2015
489Manish Kumar GuptaHindiProf. K.C.LalÞHkkjrh; Lok/khurk&la?k’kZ vkSj ;”kikyß2007 2015
490Vidya Charan HindiProf. Chittaranjan MishraÞnfyr thou dk ;FkkFkZ vkSj fgUnh 2007 2015
491Sunita ShuklaHindiProf. Surendra DubeyÞvKs; ds dFkk lkfgR; esa izse laosnukß2010 2015
492Manjari PrasadHindiProf. Purnima SatyadevÞjkeo`{k csuhiqjh dk x| lkfgR;ß2007 2015
493Akhand Pratap SinghHindiProf. A.K. RaiÞfgUnh vkykspuk vkSj ukeoj flagß2010 2015
494Shivanjali SrivastavHindiProf. K.C. LalÞvkpk;Z fo’.kqdkUr “kkL=h % lkfgR; 2010 2015
495AnamikaHindiProf. Surendra DubeyÞfo’.kq izHkkdj dk dFksrj x|ß2011 2015
496Ravindra SinghHindiProf. V.K. MishraÞJhyky “kqDy ds miU;klksa esa fpf=r lkekftd ;FkkFkZß2010 2015
497KiranHindiProf. Ganesh Pd. PandeyÞvLlh ds ckn dh fgUnh dfork esa 2007 2015
498AnupamaHindiProf. Manju TripathiÞfgUnh vkykspuk ds fodkl esa Nk;koknh 2007 2015
499SandhyaHindiProf. Manju TripathiÞL=h foe”kZ dh vo/kkj.kk vkSj fp=k eqn~xy dk dFkk lkfgR;ß2010 2015
500Alka SinghHindiProf. Manju TripathiÞfgUnh vkykspuk ds fodkl esa vkpk;Z 2010 2015
501Sharmila VarunHindiProf. Purnima SatyadevÞchloha “krkCnh ds vfUre nks n”kdksa ds miU;klksa esa ewY; fo|Vuß2010 2015
502Richa PandeyHindiProf. Manju TripathiÞMkW0 jkefoykl “kekZ ds fujkyk fo’k;d 2007 2015
503Ritesh Kumar Mishra S/o Trigunanand MishraHindiProf. Chttaranjan MishraÞjktsUnz ;kno ds lkfgR; esa nfyr vkSj L=h foe”kZß2007 2015
504Meenu SinghHindiProf. Prem Vrat TiwariÞfp=k eqn~xy vkSj mudk lkfgR;ß2010 2015
505KusumHindiProf. Anil K. RaiÞf”ko izlkn flag dk miU;kl&lkfgR; % 2010 2015
506Richa SinghHindiProf. Surendra DubeyÞeghi flag ,oa mudk dFkk lkfgR;ß2010 2015
507Namrata YadavaHindiProf. Manju TripathiÞfgUnh laLej.k lkfgR; ,oa dkafr dqekj 2010 2015
508AbhimanyuHindiProf. Prem Vrat TiwariÞlkekftd ;FkkFkZ vkSj latho dk dFkk 2010 2015
509Manish Kumar ShuklaHindiProf. R.D. RaiÞvk/kqfud fgUnh lkfgR; esa nfyr thou 2010 2015
510ShivendraHindiProf. JanardanÞ”ojukFk js.kq ds lkfgR; esa “kgjh 2007 2015
511Yogendra KumarHindiProf. JanardanÞjkepfjrekul esa ifjdfYir lekt 2010 2015
512Deepak Kumar RaiHindiProf. Purnima SatyadevÞdeys”oj ds miU;klksa esa lkekftd 2007 2016
513Jaya MishraHindiProf. Ganesh PrasadÞledkyhu dfork esa L=hß2007 2016
514Shweta TripathiHindiProf. Deepak Prakash TyagiÞ21oha “krkCnh ds izFke n”kd ds fgUnh2010 2016
515Abhinav DubeyHindiProf. Purnima SatyadevÞJhukjk;.k prqosZnh dk jpuk&lalkjß2012 2016
516Narendra K. DwivediHindiProf. Ganesh Prasad PandeyÞHkkstiqjh yksdxhrksa esa fpf=r ukjh dk 2012 2016
517Pushpa BhartiHindiProf. Prem Vrat TiwariÞMkW0 jkenj”k feJ dk dgkuh lalkj % 2010 2016
518Namrata DubeyHindiProf. Sadanand Prasad GuptaÞvkpk;Z jkepUnz “kqDy ds leh{kk 2010 2016
519Navneet KamalHindiProf. K.C. LalÞnfyr foe”kZ dh i`’BHkwfe ds :i esa2010 2016
520Digvijay NarainHindiDr.Kamlesh Kumar GuptaÞeuksgj “;ke tks”kh vkSj mudk jpuk lalkjß2007 2016
521Nilam SinghHindiProf. Deepak Prakash TyagiÞfgUnh uotkxj.k ,oa t;”kadj izlkn dk lkfgR;ß2011 2016
522Rekha SrivastavaHindiProf. Purnima SatyadevÞvejdkUr dk dFkk lalkjß2010 2016
523Reeta YadavHindiProf. R.D. Rai^^ledkyhu fgUnh & ehfM;k esa yksdksfDr;ksa vkSj eqgkojksa dk lekt Hkkf"kd fo'ys"k.k**2011 2016
524Priyanka TiwariHindiProf. Anil K. Rai^^eS=s;h iq"ik ds miU;kl & lkfgR; dk lekt'kkL=h; vuq'khyu** 2012 2016
525Vikas Kumar SinghHindiProf. Janardan^^ukxktqZu ds lkfgR; esa vkapfydrk**2011 2016
526Vijay PrakashHindiProf. Janardan^^fgUnh ds nfyr vkRe dFkkdkj ,oa dgkuhdkjksa dk dF; lalkj**2011 2017
527Rakesh Kumar PandeyHindiProf. K.C. Lal^^nfj;k lkxj dk ikBuqla/kku ,oa ewY;kadu**2010 2017
528Suyanka NayakHindiProf. K.C. Lal^^vk/kqfud fgUnh lkfgR; dh O;ax ijEijk vkSj Jhyky 'kqDy dk lkfgR;**2010 2017
529Vijai Pratap NishadHindiProf. Sadanand Pd. Gupta^^'k=q/ku izlkn ds ,sfrgkfld miU;kl**2010 2017
530Garima ChaudharyHindiProf. Surendra Dubey^^egknsoh oekZ ds x| lkfgR; esa L=h psruk**2011 2017
531Shailendra MohanHindiProf. Janardan^^jke nj'k feJ ds dFkk lkfgR; esa jktuhfrd psruk**2015 2017
532Archana PandeyHindiProf. Ganesh P. Pandey^^fujkyk ds dkO; esa L=h & lanHkZ**2016 2017
533Lakshmi VermaHindiProf. Kamlesh K. Gupta^^izsepUn dh dgkfu;ksa esa ikfjokfjd thou**2014 2017
534Vinod KumarHindiProf. Kamlesh K. Gupta^^m"kk fiz;acnk ds dFkk lkfgR; % ,d fo'ys"k.k**2007 2017
535Priyanka SinghHindiProf. K.C. Lal^^johUnz dkfy;k vkSj mldk lkfgR;**2010 2017
536Sachin MishraHindiProf. R.D. Rai^^fgUnh ehfM;k vkSj ledkyhu lkfgfR;d ifjik'oZ** 2010 2017
537Santosh KumarHindiProf. Deepak P. Tyagi^^nsosUnz jkt vadqj dk jaxdeZ vkSj ukV~;kykspu**2010 2017
538Ratna PathakHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^dsnkj flag dk dkO; % laosnuk] l`tu vkSj LoIu**2010 2017
539Chandani JaiswalHindiDr. Prem Vrat Tiwari^^eUuw Hk.Mkjh ds dFkk lkfgR; esa fpf=r leL;k,a**2017 2017
540Kartikey Prasad TripathiHindiProf. Manju Tripathi^^mn; izdk'k dk lkfgR; % vUroZLrq ,oa f'kYi**2010 2017
541Neelam PaswanHindiProf. Surendra Dubey^^lar jTtc % fopkj vkSj l`tu**2011 2018
542Kuldeepak Ram TripathiHindiProf. Ganesh Pd. Pandey^^lkBksRrjh fgUnh dfork vkSj nsosUnz dqekj**2012 2018
543Sandhya PandeyHindiProf. Sadanand Pd. Gupta^^Nk;koknh dfo;ksa dh yEch dfork,a % vUroZLrq vkSj lajpuk**2011 2018
544Rashmi TiwariHindiDr. Vimlesh K. Mishra^^d`".k HkfDr dkO; esa ukfj Lokra=; ds Loj % ehjk ckbZ ds fo'ks"k lanHkZ esa**2012 2018
545Shambhvi PandeyHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^'ke'ksj cgknqj flag dk lkfgR; % laosnuk ,oa f'kYi**2010 2018
546PremaHindiProf. Anant Mishra^^vCnqy fofLeYykg vkSj mudk lkfgR;**2012 2018
547Manisha NayakHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^t; 'kadj izlkn ds lkfgR; esa L=h**2010 2018
548Atul Kumar YadavHindiProf. Janardan^^ledkyhu fgUnh miU;kl ds ukjh & foe'kZ dk yksdrkaf=d vk;ke**2010 2018
549Ashutosh Kumar YadavHindiProf. K.C. lal^^xksfoUn feJ dk dFkk lkfgR;**2011 2018
550Vijay Shankar NathHindiProf. Manjuu Tripathi^^ubZ dgkuh vkUnksyu vkSj vejdkUr dh dgkfu;k¡**2012 2018
551Sushma RanjanHindiProf. Sadanand Pd. Gupta^^Lola=~;ksRrj fgUnh dgkuh esa o`)tu % lkekftd euksoSKkfud fo'ys"k.k**2012 2019
552Amresh Kumar SinghHindiProf. Surendra Dubey^^lR; izdk'k feJ dh vkykspuk n`f"V % ,d vuq'khyu**2013 2019
553Sunil KumarHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^dkerk ukFk ds dFkk lkfgR; esa ledkyhu thou ;FkkFkZ**2013 2019
554ShwetaHindiProf. Anil Kumar Rai^^ukxktqZu ds dFkk lkfgR; esa oafpr leqnk;**2011 2019
555Gautam Kumar BhartiHindiProf. Sadanand Pd. Gupta^^v{kj vuUr vkSj mudk lkfgR;**2012 2019
556Ram PrakashHindiProf. Manju Tripathi^^fgUnh nfyr dfork % vfHkO;fDr ,oa lkSUn;Z n`f"V**2013 2019
557SunitaHindiProf. Manju Tripathi^^fgUnh lkfgR; esa cjoS ijEijk vkSj rqylh dk cjoS jkek;.k**2012 2019
558Soni GuptaHindiDr. Prem Vrat Tiwari^^fgUnh dh xhfrdkO; ijEijk vkSj uoxhr ¼uoxhr n'kd ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa½**2012 2019
559Sushma DubeyHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^miU;kldkj gtkjh izlkn f}osnh ds L=h ik=ksa dk lekt'kkL=h; v/;;u**2013 2019
560Jay Singh YadavHindiProf. Manju Tripathi^^eksgu jkds'k ds lkfgR; esa ledkyhu cks/k**2013 2019
561Prity YadavHindiProf. Ganesh Pd. Pandey^^Hkkstiwjh yksdxhrksa esa izse laosnuk**2012 2019
562Km. PriyankaHindiProf. Anil Kumar Rai^^HkkjrsUnq ;qxhu lkekftd miU;kl % dF; ,oa f'kYi**2011 2019
563Raj KumarHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^t;'kadj izlkn ds ukVdksa esa ;qxcks/k**2013 2019
564SarojHindiProf. R.D. Rai^^fgUnh ds nfyr vkRedFkk lkfgR; dk lektHkk"kh fo'ys"k.k**2012 2019
565Gaurav PandeyHindiProf. Chittaranjan Mishra^^ledkyhu fgUnh dfork dh yksd psruk ¼fo'ks"k lanHkZ % lu~ 1980 ds ckn dh dfork½**2013 2019
566Laxmi Shankar SarojHindiProf. Manju Tripathi^^fgUnh jke dFkk % ijEijk vkSj vk/kqfudrk**2013 2019
567Narendra KumarHindiProf. Deepak P. Tyagi^^Hkwe.Myh;dj.k dk ;FkkFkZ ,oa dk'khukFk flag dk lkfgR;**2013 2019
568Md. RiyazuddinUrduProf. M.R. RahmanMASHRIQI UP MEN URDU SAHAFAT2011 2018
570Shrif Nawaj AnsariUrduProf. M.R. RahmanTAHRIKE AZADI ME URDU KI NAZMIA SHAIRI KA KIRDAR2013 2019
571Namita GuptaBusiness AdministrationProf. A.K. TiwariAn Evaluation of effectivness of management information system in banking sector (A case study of SBI and ICICI )2011 2015
572Kshama MishraBusiness AdministrationProf. A.K. TiwariA study of performing management practicess in pharmacentrical Industry in UP (with special Refrence to select companies)2011 2015
573Raushan ZafarBusiness AdministrationProf. Sanjay BaijalA Study of shared leadership and its impact on the team performance ( with special refrence to india IT Sector)2011 2016
574Akash AgrawalBusiness AdministrationProf. S.V. PathakA study of devidend decision in Indian Firms with special refrence to Engineering sector 2011 2016
575Harilal BhaskarBusiness AdministrationProf. R.P. Singh Application of Business process Reengineering as a tool of quality management: A critical study of the Indian manufacturing sector2011 2016
576Md. OsamaBusiness AdministrationProf. Ashish K. Srivastav Role of cluster development approch in the development of MSMEs in UP ( A comprative Industry of GIDA and NOIDA)2011 2016
577Vinay ChaturvediBusiness AdministrationProf. A.K. TiwariCustomer perspective of offering of life insurance of India: A case study of Gorakhpur distric2010 2016
578Swati SinghBusiness AdministrationProf. Anil K. YadavA study of the role of women enterprenurs in India ( with special refrencess to select manufacturing units in Kanpur)2011 2017
579Vineeta Agrawal Business AdministrationProf. Sanjay BaijalAn enalitical study of Micro finance and women empowerment in uttar pradesh2010 2017
580Kahkashan KhanBusiness AdministrationProf. M.C. GuptaMicrofinance : A sustanable credit for the poor ( with special refrence to Gorakhpur Region2011 2017
581Rashmi PandeyBusiness AdministrationProf. M.C. GuptThe role of Purvanchal Gramin Bank in the development of Micro, small and medium interprises ( MSMEs) in Gorakhpur division2012 2017
582Sonam MishraBusiness AdministrationProf. Rajeev Prabhakar A compretive study of employee welfare in nationalized and private sector Bank ( with special refrence to Gorakhpur distric2011 2017
583Nidhi PandeyBusiness AdministrationProf. R.P. SinghE-Banking in India: Chalanges and opportunities with special refrence to ICICI and PNB 2011 2018
584Shamim AlamBusiness AdministrationProf. Sanjay BaijalAn analytical study of women enterprenureship in Eastern UP ( with special )2011 2018
585Anjumand BanoBusiness AdministrationProf. Sanjay BaijalA Study of Consumer Behaviour in Telecom Industry with special reference to Garakhpur District.2011 2018
586Kumar ShivamBusiness AdministrationProf. Rajeev PrabhakarManagement of Non-Performing Assets ub Public Sector Bank in India : A Case Study of State Bank of India.2011 2018
587Javed AlamBusiness AdministrationProf. Ajey Kumar GuptaA Study on Role of Human Resource Information System in Strategic Human Resource Management2011 2018
588VeenaBusiness AdministrationProf. Ajey Kumar GuptaA Study on the Impact of Communication on Buying Behaviour of Teenagers wth special reference to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities.2015 2018
589Bharti ShuklaBusiness AdministrationProf. A.K. TiwariA Study of the Role of Women in Hospitality Management with special Reference to Gorakhpur.2013 2018
590Anubhav Nath TripathiBusiness AdministrationProf. V.K. PandeyImpact of Price Brand Image and Stores Reputation on Buyer's Perception about Product Quality (A Study with Special Reference to Gorakhpur City.2013 2018
591Neha ChaudharyBusiness AdministrationProf. S.V. PathakEmployees Job Satisfaction: With Special Reference to Job Involment and Organisational Commitment in Service Sector of Gorakhpur2013 2018
592Shweta BhattBusiness AdministrationProf. GopinathA Study of Leadership Self Efficiency in Private and Public Sector Banks: With Special Reference to Gorakhpur Division.2014 2018
594Pradeep Kumar TiwariCommerceProf. A.K. TiwariHkkjr ds vk;qosZfnd vkS"kf/k m|ksx esa foi.ku O;ogkj & Mkcj bf.M;k fyfeVsM ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2010 2014
595Vinay Vincent WalkerCommerceDr. S.K. GuptaA Critical Study of Development Banks Transition to Universsal Bank : A case study of ICICI2006 2014
596Ved Prakash YadavCommerceProf. A.K. Srivastavadq'khuxj tuin esa phuh m|ksx % leL;k;sa ,oa laHkkouk;sa2007 2014
597Rampal KushwahaCommerceProf. S.V. Pathakxzkeh.k xjhch mUewyu esa egkRek xka/kh jk"Vªh; xzkeh.k jkstxkj xkj.Vh vf/kfu;e] 2005 dh Hkwfedk dk tuin dq'khuxj ds lUnHkZ esa ,d fo'ks"k v/;;u2010 2014
598Amarendra KumarCommerceDr. Rajeev Prabhakarmnkjhdj.k dk Hkkjrh; thou chek fuxe ds O;olk; ij izHkko2011 2014
599Harshdev VermaCommerceDr. Rajeev Prabhakartuinh; vkfFkZd fodkl esa cSad dh Hkwfedk % egjktxat ¼m0iz0½ tuin ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2010 2014
600Sandeep Kumar GuptaCommerceDr. Rajeev PrabhakarA study of Regional Industrial Disparity - With special reference to Eastern vs-a-vis, Western U.P.2010 2014
601Ritesh KumarCommerceDr. S.K. GuptamRrj izns'k esa uxj fuxeksa ds foRrh; iz'kklu dk ,d v/;;u % xksj[kiqj uxj fuxe ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2006 2014
602Krishan MurariCommerceDr. S.K. GuptanqX/k mRiknd lgdkjh la?k fy0 ds fu"iknu dk ,d vkykspukRed v/;;u % xksj[kiqj e.My ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2007 2014
603Sonia YadavCommerceDr. Anil Kumar YadavChanging Dynamics of Indirect Taxes (With special reference to Value Added Tax in Uttar Pradesh)2010 2014
604Gautam PrasadCommerceProf. Sanjay BaijalA Analytical study of the Impact of retial Marketing on consumers FMCG products2008 2015
605Neel KamalCommerceDr. Sanjeet Kumar GuptajkT; lM+d ifjogu fuxe ds dk;Z fu"iknu dk vkykspukRed v/;;u % mRrj izns'k ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2010 2015
606Ritu JainCommerceProf. Gopi NathA study of the development of life Insurance Business in Rural India2010 2015
607Ziaul HaqueCommerceDr. Sanjeet Kumar GuptaAppraisal of Financial Performance of Commercial Bank in India : A case study of Union Bank of India2008 2015
608Krishna Pratap SinghCommerceProf. J.P.N. SrivastavaEmerging Trends in Retailing by coporate sector in India - A case study of Gorakhpur District2011 2016
609Supriya SarkarCommerceProf. Sanjay BaijalA study of the role of Micro Finance in Economic Development of Eastern U.P.2011 2016
610Km. Shalini SinghCommerceProf. A.K. TiwariizkFkfedrk {ks= _.k % lkoZtfud ,oa futh {ks= ds cSadksa dh Hkwfedk dk rqyukRed v/;;u ¼xksj[kiqj tuin ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa½2010 2016
611Jai Hind KumarCommerceShri H.S. BajpaiO;kid vkfFkZd pjksa ds lUnHkZ esa LdU/k ewY; O;ogkj dk v/;;u2009 2016
612Dheeraj KumarCommerceProf. M.C. Guptaxzkeh.k fodkl esa d`f’k vk/kkfjr m|ksxksa dh Hkwfedk ¼xksj[kiqj e.My ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa½2011 2016
613Ashwani Kumar GuptaCommerceProf. Ajeya Kumar GuptaRishk Management in Public sector Bank (with special reference to Asset Liability Management)2010 2016
614Pramod KumarCommerceProf. Anil Kumar YadavManagement of Funds in Public Sector Banks - A case study of State Bank of India2010 2016
615Prityatosh Kumar MishraCommerceProf. S.V. Pathakfo'o O;kikj laxBu vkSj Hkkjrh; vFkZO;oLFkk % ,d fo'ys"k.kkRed v/;;u2010 2016
616Sarwar AhamadCommerceProf. S.V. Pathakd`f"k vkxr ,oa czk.M tkx:drk % xksj[kiqj tuin ds lUnHkZ esa ,d fo'ks"k v/;;u2010 2016
617Sugandha PandeyCommerceProf. A.K. TiwariCreativity and Innovation in Retail Banking - A comparative Analysis of Financial Products offered by Public sector and private sector Bank PNB & ICICI2010 2016
618Km. Richa MishraCommerceProf. A.K. Tiwarinsofj;k tuin ds xzkeh.k miHkksDrkvks ds Ø; O;ogkj dk v/;;u ¼eksckby ,oa nks ifg;k okguksa ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa½2010 2016
619Ankit TiwariCommerceProf. Gopi NathA critical study of Microfinance in India (with special reference to NABARD)2011 2017
620Vivek Kumar DubeyCommerceProf. M.C. GuptaA study of managment and performance of Mutual Funds in India ( with special reference to UTI and SBI Mutual Funds)2010 2017
621Deepak SoniCommerceProf. A.K. TiwariA study of customer loyalty in retail banking sector (with special reference to select Public and Private sector Banks in Deoria2011 2017
622Subhash KumarCommerceProf. Sanjeet Kumar GuptaHkkjrh; jsyos ds dfeZ;ksa esa dk;Z larqf"V & ,d vkykspukRed v/;;u ¼iwoksZRrj jsyos xksj[kiqj eq[;ky; ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa½2013 2017
623Pooja JaiswalCommerceProf. Sanjeet Kumar GuptaHkkjrh; vFkZO;oLFkk ds fodkl esa r`rh;d {ks= ds ;ksxnku dk v/;;u % cSafdx ,oa chek {ks= ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2010 2017
624Ritu TripathiCommerceProf. Gopi NathA study of Impact of large scale Retailing on consumers (with special reference to Gorakhpur District2011 2017
625Santosh KumarCommerceProf. Gopi NathHkkjrh; thou chek fuxe dh fofHkUu chek mRiknksa dh izHkko'khyrk dk ,d vkykspukRed v/;;u2010 2017
626Alok Kumar MishraCommerceProf. S.V. PathakHkkjr esa lkoZtfud {ks= ds m|ksx esa dk;Z'khy iwath izcU/ku dk ,d v/;;u & Hkkjr gSoh bysfDVªdYl fyfeVsM ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2010 2018
627Manish KumarCommerceProf. Anil Kumar YadavmRrj izns'k esa y?kq m|ksxksa dh foRr O;oLFkk dk fo'ys"k.kkRed v/;;u2013 2018
628Sovind KumarCommerceProf. Gopi NathmRrj izns'k jkT; Hk.Mkj.k fuxe ds fu"iknu ewY;kadu dk ,d v/;;u2011 2018
629Devendra KumarCommerceProf. Sanjay BaijallkoZtfud forj.k iz.kkyh dk vkykspukRed v/;;u & mRrj izns'k jkT; ds fo'ks"k lUnHkZ esa2011 2018
630Sadaf AtharCommerceProf. A. SenguptaA study of the Impact of Advertising on Urban and Rural Woman Consumers - A comparative study (with special reference to Gorakhpur District)2010 2018
631Jai Prakash KushwahaCommerceProf. S.V. Pathakp;fur miHkksDrk oLrqvksa ij vkWu&ykbu foKkiu dk izHkko ¼xksj[kiqj egkuxj ds miHkksDrkvksa ds lUnHkZ esa fo'ks"k v/;;u½2011 2018
632Amit Kumar TiwariCommerceProf. A. SenguptaA study of the consumer awarenese about counterfeits in select product group - with special reference to Gorakhpur City2011 2018
633Rajesh KumarCommerceProf. R.P. SinghiwokZapy xzkeh.k cSad dh dk;Z iz.kkyh ,oa miyfC/k;ksa dk ,d vkykspukRed v/;;u2011 2018
634Ajay Kumar CommerceProf. Ajeya Kumar GuptaA critical appraisal of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (with special reference to Gorakhpur Division)2011 2018
635Rashmi AgrawalCommerceMr. H.S. BajpaiCorporate Disclosure practices in India - A case study of select public sector companies2011 2018
636Kiran MishraCommerceMr. H.S. BajpaiA study of managment of working capital in reference to selected manufacturing companies2011 2018
637Rakesh KumarCommerceMr. H.S. BajpaiA study of Environmental Accounting and reporting practices in India - with a special reference to selected Indian Companies2011 2018
638Brij Vas KushwahaCommerceProf. Gopi Nathdk;Z'khy iwath dk izcU/k & fjyk;al b.MLVªht fyfeVsM ds lUnHkZ esa2013 2019