Computer Policy which seeks to regulate the Computer related Institutions and Industries have certain determinants. The department of regular structure embodied in the Computer Policy in the role that Government envisages for Computerization. In, this Continuation, The UGC has been helping Universities and Colleges through several general as well as specific schemes to keep pace with the developments, it has been assisting the Universities for setting up Computer Centres since 1970 for Research and Training, applications of Computers in every fields/subjects and supporting the development of PGDCA, M.Sc.(Computer Science) and other programmes & computer application papers in several disciplines. University Grant Commission (UGC) given important direction and permission to established the Computer Centre in Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Gorakhpur and other various universities with some important Posts in the Year-1987 and In the Year-1989, Gorakhpur university selected four candidates for Computer Operators (2) and Punch Operator (2), it now retained including with Computer Programmer/Incharge (1) and Farsh (1) post.
Nowadays The Computer Centre is main hub of Computerization in DDU Gorakhpur University. The Centre is providing the hole Computer Networking (Including main Administrative building, All the departments and other students based facilities etc.) since 2013 and till Continue. In this continuation, The mission of National Knowledge Network (NKN), The The Computer Teaching and Lab Assistance supports of Ph.D Scholars and Computer typing test for Promotion of University Employees and other miscellaneous works are going regularly. Except that the Combined B.Ed. Enterence Examinations-2013 and Online examinations support and other works provided by University are executing time to time. In the Centre foundation first five years and mean while time, the Centre performed the Computerization of Employees GPF Management through Allahabad Bank (University branch), University Employees computer training programs, Re-verification and analyzed the first B.Ed Combined test examination and other Teaching support to several under Graduate and PG level Classes (Including MBA) in University.
The Objective of the Scheme to set-up a Computer Centre as a central facilities for the growth and development of supporting of Computerization, Research, supporting of Teaching, Training and other related activities in addition to the work relating to the Administration, Finance, Examination, Admissions are running nicely.