E.D.P. In-charge : Prof. Vinay Kumar Singh

The Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Cell was established and inaugurated by the Honorable Chancellor Prof. Vishnukant Shashtri, Governor (UP) on 21-12-2001. Now EDP Cell has completed successfully one year with lot of credentials. The aims of EDP Cell are to implement an efficient and transparent system, utilizing the state of art, information technology resources for effective information storage, retrieval and transfer. Following activities were planned in these regards:

  • Establishment of EDP Cell
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Campus Networking
  • Web-Site Development
  • Modular Software Development

EDP Cell

The EDP Cell has been established with cutting edge technology equipments like three high-end servers, twenty nodes, four high speed A3/A4 size laser printers and one 500 lmp line printer fully networked on switch based technology. The internet connectivity (64 kbps) has been established through radio link with ERNET India (Ministry of Information Technology). Campus networking, Web-Ste development and modular software development works are being carried out. In parallel to the high-tech equipments the EDP Cell is well supported by highly skilled manpower.

Security of EDP Cell

The EDP Cell is the central section of data entry and storage. The integrity and security of data is very important.

A sensitive confidential area as most of examination related work carried out here. For this purpose a very tight and full proof security system is installed, in parallel to the manual security system a three level electronic security system is implemented.


Entry Checking: Through proximity magnetic access card and I.D. Code No.

On-Time Checking: Through close circuit T.V. and online recorder.

Off-Time Checking: Through sensors, fire alarm system and auto-dialer.

Achievements of EDP Cell

Computerization of Examination System

The university examination system has been transformed on computer. All the work from nominal rolls to results declaration and Mark sheets/Degree preparations are now being carried out by EDP Cell. In the year 2002, university had 81 affiliated colleges and one medical college with a students strength of around 1.5 lakhs, their results were declared successfully in time in year 2003, after inclusion of six additional colleges 1.6 lakhs students are expected to appear in the examination. The EDP Cell is ready with all Pre-examination processing for conduct of the Examination.

Employees Salary Bills

The salary bills and related tasks computerized fully by the EDP Cell.

Keeping of Old Records

The old records of the university are being transformed in electronic form, which will be ready to access immediately after the implementation of campus, network.

LAN and Internet Administration in EDP Cell

The EDP Cell LAN administration and internet administration is being done. Immediately after the campus LAN is implemented the full management and administration will be taken over, for which required manpower development work is in progress.

UGC Infotech Project

Having impressed with the achievements of University and activities of EDP Cell, UGC, New Delhi, has selected the DDU Gorakhpur University for Prestigious UGC Infonet project in phase 1. Under the UGC Infonet Project MOU between University, UGC, ERNET India and Inflibnet Centre has been signed. Following facilities will be extended under the projects.

Design and implementation of UGC Infonet at DDU Gorakhpur University.

Providing space for, and hosting websites of the University.

Installing equipments and establishing internet connectivity.

Training of personnel to manage and maintain the connectivity.

E-journal and internet access.