Department of library & Information Science


One Lenovo machine processor inside Intel Pentium D as a Server, in which entire library data's are stored interfaced with Windows based CDS/ISIS software packages.Any user can retrieved any relevant data either status of books or theses.

All other 04 Pentium one (P-I) computers has been already installed in 1996 and all data's or record's are seperately located in all 4's computers. All 05 computer's including server are not interlinked / unnetworked to each other. Main Server located in computer section worked as web as well as database server.

ELNOVA model UPS purchased in 1996 is not proper functioning well and all 05 computer are running with two APC model UPS.

All retroconversion of data /records are done by well known library software package CDS/ISIS developed by UNESCO , which is sent to INFLIBNET, Autonomous body of UGC to mount the data in union catalogue of the INFLIBNET to share the resources among member's library.

DEMANDS (Projection over Para- A)

At present situation Information technology plays a vital role to automate the entire system. The main objective is to automate the library to provide right information to right user at right time in right way. This is possible if , following requirements are satisfied. In this situation our demand, approximate cost and Justification are depicted as follows-

Main Server

Database Server-

Used to store all data/Record's of the library.

Web Server

Used to extract the information from client under Internet environment.

Cost :5.0 Lakhs

Nodes (28)

A. Reference Section-03

B. CTBS-05

C. Central Stack-04

D. Cataloguing/Acquisition Section-05

E. Reading Room-03

F. Computer Section-03

G. Periodical Section-02

H. North Wing(Library)-01

I. Main Gate-01

COST 0.32 per node ≈9.00 Lakhs


A .Networking Including '' Flat pipe PVC Beat, RJ 45 Connectors,

D-Link, Cat 5 Cabling, Fixing and labour charges, installation with two routers

B. Networking installation, mean configuration and Connectivity of Client/Server.

COST : 5 Lakhs

4. Proxy Server (30 Users)

COST = 01 Lakhs

5.Bar Coding & software imaging

COST :0.4 Lakhs

6. UPS(10 KVS)-Online

COST :2.0 Lakhs

7. Hand Scanner-10

COST :1.5 Lakhs

8. Retrospective conversion of data /records(RECON)including bar coding etc.

COST : 100 Lakhs

9. Symentic Antivirus (Multi-User)

COST : 0.4 Lakhs

10. Laptop

COST : 0.5 Lakhs


Libraries have a history of taking advantage of technological innovation. Library automation / computerization is one of them. Library networking is an essential part of the library activity. Now it is imperative to go for total library automation. Accordingly, proposal mentioned in Para-B over Para-A needs to be taken on priority basis.

TOTAL (1-10) = 1,25,51,000

(One Crore twenty five lakhs and fifty one thousand)


According to 5's laws of library science- Document is for use, Every document has its reader , Every reader has a document, save the time of reader and library is a growing organism.Based on this above five principle day by day students as well as teachers are increases to control the quality of education.

A.Current Infrastructure-

At present our library collection is 3,11,331 for books and journals. Number of students as well as teachers are going to increase enoromously.It is impossible to satisfy the members of the university system from this collections.

B.Demands (Projection over Para-II)-

For Books Cost 200 Lakhs

For Journals Cost 100 Lakhs



Multidisciplinary research is demad of the day. Documents of multidisciplinary nature,including Encyclopedia, dictionary and other reference materials are purchased from Central Library account. Grant Allocated to the Departments are used for purchase to department books only. It is also important to mention that during 10th plan there was no allocation for the central library. As such there was no purchase for central library. It is proposed that loss incurred during 10th plan may kindly be suitably compensated. Number of students in the University are above 30,000. It is difficult to meet the users demand without UGC Assistance.


About two decades have passed there was no purchase of journals in the central Library due to paucity of funds. State recurring grant for entire library is fixed for 6.5 lakhs only from 1996 onwards. In this meager amount there was no scope for purchase of journals. To fill this gap, it is proposed to sanction grant of Rs.1,00,00,000 for purchase of current as well as back volume of journals, both Indian & foreign

TOTAL 3,00,00,000 (Three Crore)



At present Library is housed in a building in which all circulation of documents of UG, PG Research Scholar & faculty are processed. Library

is unable to provide peaceful environment to the serious readers. There is no separate building for UG studends. Zerox machine is not functioning well.Intercom,Water purifier, Central A.C. , etc. are one of the necessary measures in library.


(a). Under Graduate Library/Text Book Building(500 Sqft)near Arts faculty



Number of students at UG/PG level are increasing year after year. To keep peaceful environment of the central library, it is essential to have a separate UG/Textbook library building. It was also recommended by M.S.Rana Committee.

TOTAL = 40,000,00 (Forty Lakhs)




A good quality photo-copier is required in the Central Library. Present Modi 1025 photocopier was purchased about 15 years back, of which performance is not satisfactory.

TOTAL : 02 (Two LAKHS)




Central Library is housed in a big building. To keep contact with each section it is proposed to equip Central library with intercom. It is necessary for effective management of the library.

TOTAL = 02 LAKHS (Two Lakhs)


COST = 0.25 Lakhs


Pure Drinking water should be made available to the visitors of the library. Presently it is served with one India marked hand pump. Two water purifiers on both floors of the library may kindly be considered.

TOTAL = 25000 (Twenty Five Thousand)




Central Air conditioning of Central Library may be accepted to provide users pleasant environment for study. It also helps to keep library clean and helps to check deterioration of documents.

TOTAL : 1,00,00,000 (One Crore)

GRANT TOTAL REQUIRED FOR CENTRAL LIBRARY UNDER XI PLAN:Rs.5,69,76,000(Five Crore sixty nine lakhs & seventy six thousand)