Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Review of X Plan Implementation and Assessment of Requirement for XI Plan

  1. Name of the University          DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur
  1. Name of the Department        Department of Sociology
  1. Year of Establishment                        1958
  1. Date of Visit
  1. No. of students who applied & got admission in various courses in last 3 years:







  Applied Admitted Applied Admitted Applied Admitted Applied Admitted
2004-05     1100 122     01 01
2005-06     1130 124       05
2006-07     1200 176       13
  1. When was the syllabus last revised by the Department                      2007-08
  1. Non-teaching staff





Nature of duty

Sri SPR Tripathi Jr. Assistant 4500-7000 B.A. Office Work
Sri Ganpat Peon 2550-3200 VIII Office Work
Sri Ram Karan Peon 2550-3200 VIII Office Work
Smt. Nazma Sweepress 2550-3200 Illiterate Sweeping
  1. Teaching Staff

Name of the teacher Desig-nation Qualifi-
load in 
per week
No. of research
students working
for Ph.D.
No. of research papers published in journals during X Plan No. of  refresher 
& other Courses 
attended during 
X Plan
Conference/ Workshop Symposium 
attended during 
X Plan
National Orientation Refresher Inter
Dr. Vinod Kumar Srivastava Professor M.A, Ph.D. 10 04 - 06 N.A. N.A. 01 02
Dr. Kirti Pandey Professor M.A, Ph.D. 14 06 - 07 N.A. N.A. - 06
Dr. Sangeeta Pandey Reader M.A, Ph.D. 14 04 - 01 N.A. N.A. - 01
Dr. Ram Prakash Professor & Head M.A., Ph.D. 14 05 - 03 N.A. N.A. 02 06
Sri Manvendra Pratap Singh Sr. Lecturer M.A., 
M. Phil.
21 03 - - - 01 01 02
Dr. Shafiq Ahmed Sr. Lecturer M.A., NET 21 06 - - - - - 08
Dr. Subhi Dhusia Sr. Lecturer M.A., Ph.D., NET 21 04 - 01 - 01 - 05
Dr. Anurag Dwivedi Sr. Lecturer M.A., Ph.D. 21 05 - - 02 - 01 02
Smt. Anju Lecturer M.A., NET 21 - - - 01 02 - 03

  1. Building                                                         

Total area of the Department (in sq. ft/Sqm). =          4000 Sq. ft.

Total Laboratory area of the Department (in sq. ft/Sqm). =   NA


  1. Books & Journals


Name of the books on the subject in

National Journals subscribed 
(give names)

International Journals subscribed (give names)

Central Library

Department Library

  1. Equipment


i. Names of the Equipments in the Department worth Rs. One lakh and above along-with the cost Zerox machine of about 1,00,100/-
ii. Names of the equipment purchased in the X Plan worth Rs. One lakh and above      -do-
iii. Percent utilization and equipments 100%
iv. Whether the equipment is also used by other Departments/Colleges/other outside agencies (give details) No


  1. Whether all teachers are provided room/cubical and necessary furniture


Type of accommodation Percentage of teachers provided such accommodation
Independent room/cubical NIL
Room on twin sharing basis NIL
Room on sharing basis One staff room
  1. Whether the department is identified by UGC as Special Assistance Programme (SAP), Department Research Support (DRS), Department of Special Assistance (DSA), Centre of Advance Study (CAS) ?

if yes, since when & level                   No

  1. Whether the department organized any national/international conference/seminar/ symposia/workshop etc. during X Plan ?

(if yes, give details)                             One National Conference

  1. Whether the department organized any training programme for industry/community during X Plan ?

(if yes, give details)                             No

  1. Whether the department has undertaken any consultancy work during X Plan ?

(if yes, give details)                             No

  1. Whether any research project has been undertaken in the last five years ?

(if yes, give details)


Name of the teacher

Title of the project


Funding Agency


Dr. V.K. Srivastava Socio-economic Study of Child apprentices 02 years UGC Rs.   20,000/-
Dr. Ram Prakash The effect of changing pattern ........... 02 years UGC Rs.   50,000/-
Dr. Subhi Dhusia वर्तमान सामाजिक-आर्थिक 03 years UGC Rs. 2,50,000/-
  1. Whether the Department received any grants from various schemes of the UGC?

(if yes, give details)                             Yes

The Department received Rs. Eighty thousand from the unasigned grant of UGC for the organization of All India Sociological Conference in Dec. 2004

  1. Whether any financial assistance was received from sources other than UGC ?


Yes (Rs. One Lac from ICSSR, New Delhi for the same conference)

  1. What are the essential facilities the department needs during XI Plan ?

(Please give justification)       

Extension of the Departmental building so that teachers may be provided rooms and the department may have a library of its own. It will also help us in adopting new methods of teaching and research.

  1. Whether the university is using new teaching methods like, instructional television, instructional radio, computer aided instruction, programmed teaching, team teaching ? (Please give details)


Due to lack of space and other facilities it has not been possible as yet.